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Kosovo's Haradinaj to Revise Montenegro Border Deal
Kosovo's Haradinaj to Revise Montenegro Border Deal

Kosovo's Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj said that his government would take a look at the controversial border agreement with Montenegro.

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Kosovo's new Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, said he would take a fresh look at the controversial border deal with Montenegro signed in 2015.

He said it wrongly demarcated the border between Kosovo and Montenegro, placing it several miles inside Kosovo below the peak of Mt Cakor.

“The current version of demarcation is wrong ... so we will correct it,” Haradinaj told Voice of America.

“Fortunately Montenegro is a neighbouring state and we welcome its progress, especially its NATO membership, which is our goal too, so I don't see any difficulties on this issue.

“We will find a quick solution to the current situation but I will not be precise now about which steps we will undertake, but a quick solution will be found in order to not delay visa liberalisation,” Haradinaj added.

The EU has demanded resolution to the border issue with Montenegro as precondition for Kosovo obtaining visa-free access to the EU's passport-free zone.

The mountainous region is the subject of a long-standing border dispute between Kosovo and Montenegro.


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