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Japan to tackle energy supply challenges
Japan to tackle energy supply challenges

Tokyo will contribute to stable world energy supply, says Katsuo Nagasaka, chairman of Chiyoda Corporation

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Japan is "committed" to tackle global challenges to ensure a stable world energy supply, Katsuo Nagasaka, board chairman of Chiyoda Corporation, said Tuesday.

"We will then continue contributing to world stable energy supply," Nagasaka said in his address at a plenary session at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul, the largest meeting of the oil and gas industry, of which Anadolu Agency is the global communication partner.

Nagasaka said Japan is "committed" to tackle the increase in global warming that has been seen since the 1990s.

He said the Japanese government established a strategy to ensure a stable supply for energy security and for realizing low-cost energy supplies by enhancing efficiency.

He added that the Chiyoda Corporation is currently working on three new technologies to support stable energy supplies -- SPERA hydrogen, renewables and bioenergy for liquid fuel production, and methane-hydrate.

SPERA hydrogen is an innovative new technology from the Chiyoda Corporation, which enables hydrogen to be liquefied and consequently transported at ambient temperature and pressure.

Methane-hydrate or "flammable ice" are vast reservoirs of natural gas trapped in ice-like crystals that hold the potential to alter trade flows and reshape the geopolitics of energy.

He added that Japan would continue to contribute to a stable world energy supply and to tackling challenges.


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