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02:15, 24 June 2018 Sunday
Update: 17:17, 28 October 2014 Tuesday

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Cuba allows churches, dismisses mosques
Cuba allows churches, dismisses mosques

Cuban government for the first time after 55 years the revolution has allowed to be built a church, but not a mosque

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For the first time, since the Cuban revolution (1959), a new church was allowed to be built by the Cuban government. But, more recently, a plan for construction of a mosque was rejected.

The catholic church, with donations from the member of Catholic, will be built in Sandino, near the western province of Pinar del Rio Tampa in Florida. The church publication, “Christian Life” says the church,  includes 200 seats, will become a new step for the connections between Cuba and the Catholics.

Regarding such a decision after so many years, it's thought that “the relations between the heart of the Catholic world and the Cuban comunist regime are getting closer.”

There had been tensions between the Catholic Church and the Cuban government for many years following the 1959 Cuban revolution. But the government had announced that the Christmas was an official national “holiday” after the visits of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

However, both the leader of Cuban revolution Fidel Castro and his brother, President Raul Castro, were not very sympathetic to the construction of a mosque in Havana.  

The head of Cuban Islamic Union Lazo Torres, said the Cuban communist party more recently refused the application for construction of a mosque planned by Turkish Religious Foundation.

Lazo Tores also said the number of mostly Cuban origin people, who has chosen Islam, alone in Havana has reached to 4.000.

Last April a delegate from Turkish Religious Foundation had visited Cuba and talked about the mosque, similar to Ortakoy Mosque (Grand Mejidiyah Mosque) in Istanbul Besiktas, planned to be built in Havana. But just the intention of the construction of a mosque in Cuba generated some discussions followed and ended with the communist party's refusal.     

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