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20:25, 18 June 2018 Monday
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Chinese police detain 181 Uighur in Eastern Turkestan
Chinese police detain 181 Uighur in Eastern Turkestan

With repressive policies being applied to Uighur's in Eastern Turkestan, 181 Uighur's have been detained by Chinese police for being part of an organised crime group.

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In operations by Chinese occupying forces have detained 181 Uighurs in Eastern Turkestan.

According to the government press, 112 of the detainees were searched by police and were part of an organised crime group.

In recent years a large part of the Muslim Uighurs in Eastern Turkestan have been an increase in attacks against Chinese forces. Following these attacks, police  have arrested hundreds of Muslim Uighurs in China by performing a series of operations.

Eastern Turkestan activists and refugees abroad have reported that Chinese police have applied excessive repressive policies of the Chinese police against Uighur Muslims. The Chinese government accuses Muslim Uighurs of attempting to re-establish the independent state of Eastern Turkestan.

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