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15:30, 15 August 2018 Wednesday
Use of dollar as tool of pressure will result in its refusal as means in international payments, says top Duma deputy

Last month, Hague-based tribunal called for campaign to support ‘victims of situation in Palestine’

Israel closed Kerem Shalom crossing last month over the launch of arson balloons from Gaza  

Indonesian Council of Ulama expresses solidarity with Turkey against US economic attack

Excluding interest payments, central government's budget balance saw surplus of nearly $1.95B last month

Presidential aide Kalin slams US authority for not taking concrete steps in Turkey’s 'rightful national security matters'

The court has rejected the objection of Brunson's lawyer for house arrest

A vast span of the Morandi bridge caved in during a heavy rainstorm in the northern port city on Tuesday, sending about 35 cars and several trucks plunging 45 metres (150 feet) onto the railway tracks below. 

Turkey is a troop-contributing nation to the anti-Daesh coalition, says deputy commander

Products include cars, rice, some alcohol and tobacco products, cosmetic products like sun creams

China has alarmed and angered its neighbours by claiming dominion over most of the South China Sea and building a string of artificial islands and military airbases. 

Turkish president meets Iraqi premier in capital Ankara

At the same time, his Maltese counterpart Joseph Muscat said Valetta would allow the boat to dock and that those on board would be sent to France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain in a posting on Twitter. 

Hunt will meet foreign ministers of Finland, Latvia, Denmark, and the Netherlands to discuss future relations post-Brexit

European Parliament Turkey Forum says US sanctions on Turkey are 'illegitimate' and against WTO rules

'We stand with our state and our people,' say Turk Telekom and Turkish Airlines amid row with US, joining ad boycott

Rescuers at the scene of a bridge collapse in Genoa on Tuesday said there have been "tens of victims" in the disaster, according to Italian media.

If US wants to continue as reputable country, it cannot do so with these impositions, says Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

The government of the economically-ravaged country has for many years heavily subsidized petrol and Maduro says this has now led to a voracious black market in oil smuggled to neighbouring countries.

President Erdogan said, "We will boycott the US's electronic products."

Iraqi premier will meet Turkish President Erdogan during the visit

Turkey's Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak will address foreign investors on Aug. 16.

Turkish industry and technology minister says support package to reduce current account deficit

Jeremy Corbyn says he stands with thousands of people who demonstrated in Tel Aviv last weekend for equal rights

Schools in West Bank are sporadically raided on pretext that students threw stones at Jewish settlers

Large projects in Turkey to provide additional contributions to economy and security of Turkey and region

Destabilization of Turkish economy is in no one's interest, Angela Merkel says in Berlin

Economic crisis could hit Italy by end of August, prime ministry undersecretary says

Despite economic 'siege' on Turkish economy, it boasts strong dynamics, says President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Ankara open to diplomacy and consensus but will not accept any imposition, says Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Photographer Alam is facing charges of spreading propaganda and false information against government

3 out of Pakistan's 4 provincial assemblies also sworn in, in wake of July 25 elections

President Erdogan calls recent US tariffs on Turkey 'economic war'

Finance Minister Siluanov terms US dollar a 'risky tool' for payments in international trade

Berat Albayrak says foreign currencies in bank accounts will not be converted into Turkish liras