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22:49, 15 July 2018 Sunday
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Alarming level of Drug use among Bangladeshi children
Alarming level of Drug use among Bangladeshi children

Association for Prevention of Drug Abuse head says close to more than 2.5 million children are drug addicts in Bangladesh

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There is nothing more tragic than seeing a young child snuffing the life out of himself through drugs. And yet this has become a common sight in the Bangladeshi capital where most people have become so used to the unfolding tragedy in front of them that they simply just ignore it.

Milon is one such 12-year-old boy who is living rough on the streets of Dhaka. When Anadolu Agency found him, he was sniffing glue, the drug of choice for most children, on the footpath of a busy road.

He was surrounded by three boys like him. It appeared that they were enjoying the harmful substance, but then appearances can be deceiving. 

The young boy said it had already been four years since he left his house. He said it became unbearable for him at home after his father died and his mother remarried.

"My stepfather did not like me. He used to beat me every day. Then I left the house and started living on the footpath," he recalled.

Now he earns a living by collecting paper and plastic from garbage. And all this hard-earned money then goes into feeding his drug habit.


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