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21:13, 20 April 2018 Friday
Update: 18:30, 15 May 2009 Friday

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Minorities call for help on Islamic freedom in Turkey meeting
Minorities call for help on Islamic freedom in Turkey meeting

On the last day of the Eurasian Islamic Council, Bosnian cleric Mustafa Ceric said the new Islamic awakening has begun.

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On the last day of the Eurasian Islamic Council, Bosnian cleric Mustafa Ceric said the new Islamic awakening has begun, Turkish media reported.

Closing session of the 7. Eurasian Council was headed by Turkish Religious Affairs Chairman Prof. Dr. Ali Bardakoglu.

Calling the world from the Eurasian Islamic Council, Bosnia and Herzegovina Ulema Mustafa Efendi Ceric said , "Islam are associated with terrorism in the 21st century. We want dialogue... Interfaith, intercultural dialogue, we want".

"Muslims orphaned in countries after Ottomans left"

Kosovo Divinity School Dean Recep Boja said Ottoman State should be taken as an example: "Communism collapsed and the doors opened for Islam. Islamic history has shown us that we should based on the Ottoman state. After the withrawal of Ottomans from our territories, decline occurred. As Ottomans withdrown, the Muslims were left orphans in the country, but they still retain their religion."

"Production and distribution of religious knowledge need to be very carefully done" said chairman of Nagorno-Karabagh religious administration Idriz Abbasov, while St. Petersburg Mufti Cafer Panceyev warned against the errors that damage the religion.

"We have returned to Motherland to preserve our religion"

Saying "We have returned to Motherland to preserve our religion, our language", Mufti of Crimean Muslims Emirali Ablayev talked about problems that Muslims in Russia faced: "It is very difficult for us to live in Russian society. These issues upset people.

Unfortunately, our current situation is really bad. We, in this respect, are waiting for help from our neighbors. There is no one who asks our situation, our state. To set up a mosque, I'll buy a land, they do not give me the land. I say l will set up, but they say you cannot. Of course, their say counts at the end. 'Where is your Muslim brothers?' they ask me."

Belarus Mufti Ebu Bekir Sabanovic, who attended the Eurasian Islamic Council for the first time, told the problems in his country. Claiming that atheism crashed the Muslim during the Soviet era, Sabanovic, "We had such a crush! Still unable to recovery. This is why vast majority in our country is Christian. We consist of 11 percent in the entire population. Our biggest responsibility is to revive our spiritual heritage again. Today, with the permission of Allah, we have revived 12 mosques and our own community," he quated as saying.

"70 percent of refugees in the world are Muslims''

"All Muslims are being held guilty of terrorism," said Ceric, "In my view, we now in a new era of major Islamic renaissance. Because, communism and atheism had been destroyed. We are required to provide a return to Islam. Iran Islamic Revolution has been affected the whole world, just as the French Revolution. I think we now entered to an era of returning to Islam."

Ceric asserted that Muslims in the world lose the effectiveness because they lost effectiveness in science and production.

"57 Islamic countries have nearly 500 universities. Only in America, there are around 5 thousand 700 universities. 90 percent of Christians in the world are literate. In the Islamic world, the rate is only 40 percent. Muslims comprise 70 percent of refugees in the world," he said.

President of the Islamic Community of Albania Selim Muca, Croatia Islamic Union chairman Sevko Omer Basic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Gazi Husrev Library president Osman Lavic, Montenegro Islamic Union President Rıfat Feyzic, North Ossetia Mufti Ali Mihalevic, Mufti of Altai Muslims Amangeldi Kobdabayev, Islamic Religious Administration of Mongolia chairman Azathan Muhanoglu and Muslim Religious Administration of Kazakhstan President Abdussettar Derbisali also gave speeches during the closing session.

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