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16:39, 21 July 2018 Saturday
Update: 11:33, 01 October 2013 Tuesday

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Islamophobia: How Muslim women are being targeted
Islamophobia: How Muslim women are being targeted

Muslims are being targeted and alienated in most parts of Europe and the American continent just like African Americans were at the time...

Yasin I. Eken - World Bulletin

A 21 year-old woman from Hackney, in East London, appeared in a courtroom wearing a full-length burqa. Judge Peter Murphy said he would not let the 21 year-old woman to stand trial in a veil due to concerns that her identity could not be confirmed. “The principle of open justice overrides the woman’s religious beliefs and that a different person could go into the dock pretending to be her if she did not show her face,” said Murphy.

The 21 year-old defendant told the courtroom that she could remove her face veil while a female police officer or female prison guard could confirm her identity and that she simply does not allow men to see her face. “In my courtroom, this sometimes conflicts with the interests of a paramount need for the administration of justice. In my courtroom, that’s going to come first,” said Murphy while referring to religious traditions. Judge Murphy rejected all suggestions even after prosecutor Sarah Counsell added that the officer in charge of the case was content that he had recognized the woman in the burqa. The young woman was later allowed to testify in a later hearing while wearing the burqa as a female police officer attested to the woman’s identity in private. 

There was a similar case in Ottawa where there was controversy as to whether a Muslim woman should testify with or without her face veil, allowing her accused molester to see her face in court. Another similar case took place in Toronto where a judge said “religious belief is not that strong.” With similar cases taking place, there is much speculation within the Muslim community as to whether or not Islamophobia is becoming a concern in Canada.

There are many cases where Muslim woman are being targeted explicitly. Another case of which targets Muslim women due to ‘security reasons’ is that of the Birmingham Metropolitan College which had banned students from wearing hats, caps and religious veils due to security reasons but later on decided to waive and change its policy due to media attention. “We are concerned that recent media attention is detracting from our core mission of providing high quality learning,” a representative on behalf of the college said. The ban was backed by Prime Minister David Cameron as a spokesman for Mr Cameron said “the point I would make on this is that we back schools being able to set and enforce their own school uniform policies.”

History is built upon repetition and as we can see, Muslims are being targeted and alienated in most parts of Europe and the American continent just like African Americans were at the time.Public freedoms include religious freedoms, of which gives a person the right to practice and articulate his/her religious rights and freedom. How safe are we really, if our rights and freedoms can be taken away from us and/or delimited?

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Respect our Law?
1. ""Concealing your identity is unnatural" That's just ur opinion. Others might say same abt multiple face piercing or multpl face tattoos or mosh/goth make up etc. This is Great Britain not France. My Muslim Grandpa fought for British against fascism, he might turn in grave. 2. Veil isn't against law. Why do our british gals topless Tunisa, Morocon,Egypt beeches n alcohol even tho offend locals?
08/10/2013, 06:41
NHS issue was a none issue.
The media asking the public if they wud mind a Dr or Nurse wearing face veil; was stupid becoz the very few that wear them, never wear them with Patients. When some Hospitals made a policy on this 12 months ago, there was no objection by any Muslim staff or community. Hence it was just stirring up things to pinch voters back frm UKIP.
08/10/2013, 06:25
And she was happy to lift veil for identity when asked by a female. When the Judge raised other matters, it was normal for court to pause o consider new procedural matters wen they arise. So, as they lift veil in such circumstances n Airport checks in, there is no threat. If colleges want to attract fee paying customers, they can make sure one security person is female to check at doors
08/10/2013, 06:24
For 20 yrs media has groomed & conditioned Brit public to be paronoid and hate.
Islam has permitted lifting the face veil for identity / security from the very beginning. Muslim Business women wud do it when signing contract with a new business partners. Such women still do it for passport photo's, and when at Airport check ins as well as during transactions in Banks. So how is it a threat? It wasn't yet the law to take it off in court so she wasn't doing anything wrong first
08/10/2013, 06:00
When in Rome
Concealing your identity is unnatural, presents a security risk and is a rejection of our society and our values. If you want to do this, go somewhere else. It is NOT acceptable in the free world. It is a manifest rejection of freedom.
04/10/2013, 16:34
Western Lawappies
If you choose to live in a Western country you must accept the laws. There is too much exception made for cultural differences. There is nothing in the Qu'ran about Niqab. No face covering should be allowed in the West. No one else is allowed to do it. If you don't like Western law, live in Islamic country. You don't change your laws for Westerners. Non-Muslims are more targeted in Muslim lands,.
02/10/2013, 06:48