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19:29, 16 July 2018 Monday
Update: 12:59, 22 March 2015 Sunday

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1 killed, 10 wounded by Houthi gunfire in Taiz
1 killed, 10 wounded by Houthi gunfire in Taiz

According to eyewitnesses, a protester was killed and ten others were wounded after Houthis opened fire to anti-Houthi demonstrators in Taiz

A protester was killed and ten others were injured Sunday when members from Yemen's Houthi movement opened fire to disperse an anti-Houthi demonstration in the central city of Taiz, eyewitnesses have said.

Houthi gunmen used teargas and live rounds to disperse the anti-Houthi protest in Taiz, killing one protester and wounding ten others, eyewitnesses told.

Wounded protesters were transferred to nearby hospitals while dozens of protesters suffered temporary asphyxia from teargas.


Witnesses had earlier told that a mass protest roamed several streets in the city before reaching the Special Forces encampment - where pro-Houthi forces are stationed - to demand the Houthis' departure.

Earlier Sunday, Houthi gunmen took control of Taizz airport, located in city's al-Hawban district. Another group of Houthi militants had taken over a court complex in the city's Wadi al-Qadi district.

The pro-Houthi troops entered the Taizz province on Friday and took up positions in a Special Forces camp in the provincial capital that carries the same name.

The troops were backed by 20 military vehicles and personnel carriers when they entered the camp, witnesses added.

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