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13:49, 22 July 2018 Sunday
Update: 10:09, 18 October 2014 Saturday

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Afghan Jundullah leader killed in US airstrikes

Jundullah leader Mullah Shamsuddin killed in north Afghanistan

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The U.S. has killed the Jundullah organization's leader in Afghanistan through airstrikes conducted on Friday, authorities have said.

The Afghanistan Intelligence Agency's spokesman, Hasib Siddiqui, said that Mullah Shamsuddin was killed in the Ishkamish district in the northeastern province of Takhar.

He added that Hafiz Asad, one of the organization's commanders, was also killed alongside Shamsuddin.

Siddiqui explained that the Jandullah group is responsible for numerous attacks in the north of Afghanistan.

Takhar's police department spokesman, Halil Asir, also confirmed that the Jundullah leader was killed in his district.

Asir said that the death of the leader will be a “severe blow” to the organization.

The Uzbekistan-based Jundullah organization has not been known for acting in Afghanistan, but it has conducted an increasing number of attacks in the north of the country over the past few years.


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