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01:52, 22 July 2018 Sunday
Update: 09:29, 08 November 2014 Saturday

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Tree of Life for Palestine in Kuala Lumpur
Tree of Life for Palestine in Kuala Lumpur

Raed Bawayah, a Palestinian photographer living in Malaysia, tries to remind the idea of peace with the exhibition called “The Tree of Life”.

The peace message that emerges from Quatanna, a little town in West Bank of Palestine. Olive trees carry this message. Olive trees represents peace all around the world, additionally in Palestine they are one of the main economic sources of Palestinians. However, Israel illegally destroys olive gardens harm not only Palestinian income but also the hope for peace.
Raed Bawayah, a Palestinian photographer living in Malaysia are one of those who cannot keep in silence despite inequality and oppression. He is trying to remind the idea of peace with the exhibition called “The Tree of Life”.

Palestinian photographer Raed Bawayah shared his comments by saying “This exhibition includes slides of life in Quatanna. Olive trees, the symbol of peace, constitute an important source of income for Palestinians. But Israeli forces cut a lot of olive tree ever year. Their aim is to cut Palestinian villagers living. I am working to share Palestinians’ financial and emotional sufferings with Malaysian art lovers.”
Bawayeh has carried Palestinian captivity sometimes in the eyes of a little girl, sometimes strong but tired glance of an old lady into the photos. He highlights not only economic obstacles of workers in the olive gardens but also their delicate position between life and death.

Palestinian Ambassador in Malaysia Dr. Enver El-Agha expressed his emotions by noting “Art has different meanings in different contexts. For us, the Palestinians, the art has never been isolated from politics for our land is still under Israeli occupation. Of course, we can mention a local art that has developed on the base of Islamic art. From this perspective, it includes a unique richness. Today we are in a Palestinian photographer’s exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. I have to say that these photos are true reflection of the reality in Palestine.” 

Israel has intentionally continued to cut olive trees which are associated with peace. The peace has not arrived the land of Palestine yet. However, this exhibition underlines one more time that olive trees will survive forever.

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