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Today in History March 07
Today in History March 07

A chronological timetable of historical events that occurred on this day in history

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322 BC   The Greek philosopher Aristotle dies.
161   On the death of Antoninus at Lorium, Marcus Aurelius becomes emperor.
1774   The British close the port of Boston to all commerce.
1799   In Palestine, Napoleon captures Jaffa and his men massacre more than 2,000 Albanian prisoners.
1809   Aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard -- the first person to make an aerial voyage in the New World -- dies at the age of 56.
1838   Soprano Jenny Lind ("the Swedish Nightingale") makes her debut in Weber's opera Der Freischultz.
1847   U.S. General Winfield Scott occupies Vera Cruz, Mexico.
1849   The Austrian Reichstag is dissolved.
1862   Confederate forces surprise the Union army at the Battle of Pea Ridge, in Arkansas, but the Union is victorious.
1876   Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for the telephone.
1904   The Japanese bomb the Russian town of Vladivostok.
1906   Finland becomes the third country to give women the right to vote, decreeing universal suffrage for all citizens over 24, however, barring those persons who are supported by the state.
1912   French aviator, Heri Seimet flies non-stop from London to Paris in three hours.
1918   Finland signs an alliance treaty with Germany.
1925   The Soviet Red Army occupies Outer Mongolia.
1927   A Texas law that bans Negroes from voting is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
1933   The board game Monopoly is invented.
1933   The film King Kong premieres in New York City.
1935   Malcolm Campbell sets an auto speed record of 276.8 mph in Florida.
1936   Hitler sends German troops into the Rhineland, violating the Locarno Pact.
1942   Japanese troops land on New Guinea.
1951   U.N. forces in Korea under General Matthew Ridgeway launch Operation Ripper, an offensive to straighten out the U.N. front lines against the Chinese.
1968   The Battle of Saigon, begun on the day of the Tet Offensive, ends.
1971   A thousand U.S. planes bomb Cambodia and Laos.
1979   Voyager 1 reaches Jupiter.

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