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Today in History March 12
Today in History March 12

A chronological timetable of historical events that occurred on this day in history.

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1496   The Jews are expelled from Syria.
1507   Cesare Borgia dies while fighting alongside his brother, the king of Navarre, in Spain.
1609   The Bermuda Islands become an English colony.
1664   New Jersey becomes a British colony.
1789   The United States Post Office is established.
1809   Great Britain signs a treaty with Persia forcing the French out of the country.
1863   President Jefferson Davis delivers his State of the Confederacy address.
1879   The British Zulu War begins.
1884   Mississippi establishes the first U.S. state college for women.
1894   Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first time.
1903   The Czar of Russia issues a decree providing for nominal freedom of religion throughout the land.
1909   British Parliament increases naval appropriations for Great Britain.
1911   Dr. Fletcher of the Rockefeller Institute discovers the cause of infantile paralysis.
1912   Juliet Low founds the Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia.
1917   Russian troops mutiny as the "February Revolution" begins.
1930   Gandhi begins his march to the sea to symbolizes his defiance of British rule in India.
1933   President Paul von Hindenburg drops the flag of the German Republic and orders that the swastika and empire banner be flown side by side.
1933   President Roosevelt makes the first of his Sunday evening fireside chats.
1938   German troops enter Austria without firing a shot, forming the anschluss (union) of Austria and Germany.
1939   Pius XII is elected the new pope in Rome.
1944   Great Britain bars all travel to neutral Ireland, which is suspected of collaborating with Nazi Germany.
1945   Diarist Anne Frank dies in a German concentration camp.
1959   The U.S. House of Representatives joins the Senate in approving the statehood of Hawaii.
1984   Lebanese President Gemayel opens the second meeting in five years calling for the end to nine-years of war.
1985   The United States and the Soviet Union begin arms control talks in Geneva.
1994   The Church of England ordains women priests.

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