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16:46, 17 July 2018 Tuesday
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Man helping sick kids shows Islam's 'true face' in US
Man helping sick kids shows Islam's 'true face' in US

Bzeek, who has been helping terminally-ill children for decades, says his actions change the negative perception of Muslims

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A 63-year-old Muslim immigrant, who looks after terminally-ill children in the U.S., has said his selfless and inspiring story is helping change negative perceptions about Muslims in America.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Libyan-born Mohamed Bzeek said: “My story changed the way the American thinks about Muslims.”

Muslims in the U.S. are seen as “criminals, killer, we are not good and Islam is just the religion of blood and devastation,” he said.

“[But] after my story, I showed them the true Islam. Islam is about love and compassion and sympathy towards other people.”

Bzeek’s story became public after he was interviewed by Los Angeles Times last year. He has been taking care of abandoned or terminally-ill children since 1989.

Recalling the words of an atheist in the U.S. to him, Bzeek said he told him: “After reading your story I hope there is god so he can reward you.”   

Bzeek said he had taken care of 80 children in the U.S. since the 90s.

“Ten of them died; I was holding them [when they died],” he said.

Some of the babies he took care of did not even have names, he said, so he gave them Muslim names.

“I raise them as Muslims.”


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