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12:20, 22 June 2018 Friday
10:50, 14 June 2018 Thursday

2018 FIFA World Cup to kick off today

Russia, Saudi Arabia to play opening match of tournament

14:18, 12 June 2018 Tuesday

Migrant ship Aquarius to dock in Spain

629 migrants, who were rescued in the Mediterranean, will make journey from Italy to Spain

14:54, 02 June 2018 Saturday

Catalan leader calls for talks with new Spain PM

The swearing-in will automatically bring an end to Madrid's direct rule over the wealthy, northeastern region imposed in October after a failed bid to break from Spain.

09:48, 28 May 2018 Monday

Spain's Granada mosque attract Muslims in Ramadan

Grand Mosque of Granada hosting iftar meals for Muslim community

17:30, 27 May 2018 Sunday

Spain saves over 500 migrants at sea

Rescue boats intercepted 239 migrants travelling in eight small boats off Spain's southern coast on Sunday, a day after 293 migrants were pulled from nine vessels.

17:39, 24 May 2018 Thursday

Sweeping corruption sentences hit Spain s ruling party

Politicians and business people sentenced to 351 years in prison, ruling party fined for involvement

15:40, 21 May 2018 Monday

Spain PM urges Catalonia to form 'viable' government

Rajoy was speaking as Torra was visiting former Catalan ministers at the Estremera jail near Madrid, including Jordi Turull and Josep Rull who he had put on his team.

10:40, 24 April 2018 Tuesday

Turkish premier leaves for Spain

Binali Yildirim to attend 6th Turkey-Spain Intergovernmental Summit

12:15, 13 April 2018 Friday

Spain rejects Armenian 'genocide' motion

Motion defeated 17-9, with 9 abstentions, with 14 'no' votes cast by ruling People’s Party  

12:33, 08 April 2018 Sunday

Ex-Catalan leader Puigdemont urges dialogue with Spain

Carles Puigdemont says independence is their proposal, but not only solution

16:56, 06 April 2018 Friday

Ex-Catalan leader released from jail in Germany

Puigdemont walks out of jail, but he has to stay in Germany while court continues to examine Spain’s extradition request

01:19, 06 April 2018 Friday

Spanish judge charges ex-Catalan police chief with sedition

Judge Carmen Lamela of the National Court, which deals with high-profile political and financial cases, said in her ruling there was evidence that former Mossos d'Esquadra chief Josep Lluis Trapero was part of a "criminal organisation" that sought to break Catalonia away from Spain.

13:56, 03 April 2018 Tuesday

German prosecutor requests Puigdemont extradition

The request comes after protests by independence supporters at the weekend in Berlin and Catalonia calling for Puigdemont's immediate release.

09:39, 24 March 2018 Saturday

Spain rating raised to 'A-' outlook positive

The rating agency expects Spain's economic growth to surpass eurozone average in 2019-2021

02:12, 21 March 2018 Wednesday

Spain's central bank predicts faster growth in 2018

In a statement, it said this reduction in the tax burden would however lead to a slower drop in the public deficit this year, which it predicts will reach 2.5 percent of GDP -- still below the 3.0 percent limit set by the European Union.

12:21, 03 March 2018 Saturday

Spain sees over 500 Islamophobic incidents last year

Report by Citizens' Platform Against Islamophobia says 51 percent of incidents recorded in Catalonia

03:37, 20 February 2018 Tuesday

Leading Catalan separatist walks free on bail

Judge Pablo Llarena placed Rovira under judicial control, but stopped short of putting her behind bars for the duration of an ongoing probe into charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds.

03:33, 09 February 2018 Friday

Ousted Catalan leader announces government in exile

Following unilateral independence vote last October, Carles Puigdemont fled Spain to Belgium  

15:25, 01 January 2018 Monday

Spain says Catalan crisis cost '1 bn euros'

Luis de Guindos said slowdown in growth in Catalonia, which accounts to around a fifth of Spanish GDP, was hampering the eurozone's fourth largest economy as a whole.

09:58, 19 December 2017 Tuesday

Spain provides 2 million support for Palestinians

The Spanish government has provided a total of €94.4 million to the agency since 2007, according to UNRWA

09:19, 06 December 2017 Wednesday

Spanish prime minister backs progress in Brexit talks

Mariano Rajoy says next stage of negotiations should begin quickly

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