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15:56, 26 May 2017 Friday
18:06, 19 May 2017 Friday

Suicide bombers hit Nigerian university

3 suicide bombers killed, security operatives injured in fresh attack

18:21, 18 May 2017 Thursday

10 000 refugees from Cameroon arrive back in Nigeria

Refugees forced to leave Cameroon amid accusations of infiltration by Boko Haram

10:49, 16 May 2017 Tuesday

The superhighway threatening Nigeria's tropical rainforest

The fate of the superhighway remains on hold pending the final decision of the Abuja authorities, expected in the coming weeks.

08:18, 08 May 2017 Monday

Nigeria s Buhari meets 82 freed schoolgirls

Buhari assures the schoolgirls of the government's commitment to their education and welfare

13:41, 26 April 2017 Wednesday

Triple suicide blasts hit Nigeria's Maiduguri sources

The bombings came two days after multiple suicide attacks near the strategic city that killed four members of the civilian joint taskforce (JTF) and injured two others.

10:43, 23 April 2017 Sunday

Nigeria cracks down on illicit oil refineries

"Let's see if we can go eat them for breakfast," he says with an ominous chuckle.

10:06, 20 April 2017 Thursday

Death toll from meningitis outbreak in Nigeria hits 745

Outbreak has reached 'epidemic threshold' in certain states

19:12, 12 April 2017 Wednesday

Meningitis outbreak death estimate rises to 489 in Nigeria

The illness causes acute inflammation of the outer layers of the brain and spinal cord, with the most common symptoms being fever, headache and neck stiffness. 

18:24, 12 April 2017 Wednesday

Nigeria Attacks on UK US embassies foiled say police

5 members of ISIL-linked Boko Haram arrested over thwarted plot against Western targets

12:20, 12 April 2017 Wednesday

Nigerian VP adamant on keeping Magu as anti-graft chief

Parliament twice rejects nomination of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC’s chairman  

12:11, 11 April 2017 Tuesday

2 Turkish construction workers kidnapped in Nigeria

Turkish embassy in Abuja says kidnappers have made high ransom demand for their release

10:45, 11 April 2017 Tuesday

Nigeria s governor releases pay slip government funds

Nasir el-Rufai calls on parliament to open $484m annual budget for public scrutiny

10:48, 10 April 2017 Monday

Nigeria Torching of shantytown prompts outrage

State claims waterfront shanties in Lagos break the law and pose environmental risk, justifying their destruction

01:06, 10 April 2017 Monday

Nigeria 4 policemen 1 soldier killed in Lagos ambush

Officers killed in militant ambush after rescuing kidnapped victims kept in riverine area by militants, says official

13:47, 05 April 2017 Wednesday

Turkish envoy in Nigeria rejects 'espionage' claims

Hakan Cakil says FETO propaganda activity in Nigeria to blame for anti-Turkey allegations

01:00, 02 April 2017 Sunday

Nigeria puts death toll from meningitis outbreak at 328

Health minister says vaccines for meningitis stereotype C were not available for commercial sale

11:56, 01 April 2017 Saturday

Boko Haram kidnap 22 girls women in northeast Nigeria

In recent weeks the fighters have intensified raids in areas near Lake Chad, stealing food from residents.

18:47, 29 March 2017 Wednesday

Nigerian activists blast protests against rights group

Last week, hundreds demanded that Amnesty International leave Nigeria

17:43, 28 March 2017 Tuesday

10 people abducted in Boko Haram raid in Nigeria

4 women, 6 men were kidnapped in northeastern Borno State

11:20, 27 March 2017 Monday

Nigerian Senate chief named in fresh financial scandal

Influential politician -- already standing trial on corruption charges -- denies latest claims contained in leaked report  

12:47, 22 March 2017 Wednesday

Bombers hit refugee camps in northeast Nigeria 7 dead

Among the killed are 3 suspected suicide bombers, a woman and a child; Boko Haram suspected in attack

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