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01:55, 22 July 2017 Saturday
14:19, 21 July 2017 Friday

UK backs Japan over North Korea

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson uses Japan visit to hit out at Pyongyang ICBM test  

11:54, 21 July 2017 Friday

Britain's Johnson welcomes Japanese investment

Johnson, a leading campaigner for Britain to quit the European Union, also pledged London will "build a fantastic relationship with our friends and partners in the EU" after talks with his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida in Tokyo. 

13:03, 20 July 2017 Thursday

Brexit lunch' to assess talks progress

The two sides remain far apart on the exit bill that the EU says Britain must pay and on whether or not the bloc's top court will keep jurisdiction over European citizens living in Britain, sources close to the talks said.

11:39, 20 July 2017 Thursday

UK could lift 'laptop ban' on flights from Turkey

Turkish diplomatic sources say UK set to lift prohibition on carrying large electronic devices on flights

17:42, 19 July 2017 Wednesday

UK PM fends off jokes about her future before summer

After a string of terror attacks and an electoral humiliation last month, the Conservative leader opened prime minister's questions in the House of Commons by noting the "particularly challenging year".

14:17, 18 July 2017 Tuesday

EU says UK negotiator's early Brexit 'not a problem'

Davis was criticised in some British media after heading home to London before lunch following a photo opportunity and a brief chat with his opposite number Michel Barnier on Monday, the first of four days of negotiations.

17:40, 15 July 2017 Saturday

Second round of Brexit talks set for Monday

Britain's Brexit minister David Davis will meet EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier for talks, followed by a meeting of coordinators and negotiating groups.

16:41, 15 July 2017 Saturday

Blair says EU would level with UK on mass migration

More than a decade of mass immigration from the EU under freedom of movement rules was a major factor in the referendum that saw Britons vote to leave the EU.

12:15, 14 July 2017 Friday

UK event hears call for action on anti-Muslim coverage

Negative media portrayals of British Muslims leading to increased hostility, say observers

13:52, 13 July 2017 Thursday

Britain starts overhauling legal set-up for Brexit

The "Repeal Bill" will pave the way for existing European Union law to be converted into British law so laws remain the same when Britain leaves the bloc.

16:36, 12 July 2017 Wednesday

Gibraltar threatens to sour Spanish royals' UK visit

Disputed territory on southern tip of Iberian peninsula has created tension in British, Spanish relations for years

16:17, 11 July 2017 Tuesday

EU can 'go whistle' for Brexit bill UK FM

"I think that the sums that I have seen that they propose to demand from this country seem to me to be extortionate and I think 'to go whistle' is an entirely appropriate expression," Johnson told parliament.

10:23, 11 July 2017 Tuesday

Britain Australia united in North Korea 'condemnation'

North Korea missile tests are in 'flagrant breach of the UN Security Council resolutions', British PM May says

16:51, 10 July 2017 Monday

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia 'lawful' top court says

Campaigners argued for suspension of weapons sales to Riyadh, which is waging a war in Yemen  

10:29, 10 July 2017 Monday

Suspect arrested in UK 'Islamophobic' acid attack

John Tomlin turns himself into police after attack lets 2 Mulsim cousins with ‘life-changing injuries’

17:07, 09 July 2017 Sunday

UK's Johnson urges Arab states to end Qatar boycott

Johnson met with his Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Sabah on Saturday and was scheduled to visit Qatar later in the day.

06:08, 04 July 2017 Tuesday

UN receives proposals over Cyprus from all sides

UN is expected to share copies of proposals with each side who will then discuss them in second meeting in Switzerland

04:06, 04 July 2017 Tuesday

Northern Ireland talks to form government to continue

Secretary of State Brokenshire remains optimistic about acheiving political deal in Northern Ireland

01:00, 04 July 2017 Tuesday

President Erdogan UK's May discuss Cyprus over phone

Both leaders highlight importance of reaching 'fair, lasting and comprehensive solution' in Cyprus talks

14:36, 03 July 2017 Monday

Delays cost overrun seen for contested UK nuclear plant

EDF, the state-run French company that has the lion's share of the controversial scheme, made the announcement after a long review.

15:13, 02 July 2017 Sunday

Brexit-bound UK withdraws from fishing pact

The deal pre-dates Britain's EU membership and would therefore still have applied after the UK completes its divorce with the bloc, expected in March 2019.

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