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07:15, 24 May 2018 Thursday
hosni mubarak
14:43, 24 March 2017 Friday

Egypt s Mubarak free to go home for 1st time

After being swept from power in 2011, ex-president was slapped with array of charges from which he was ultimately exonerated

19:38, 13 March 2017 Monday

Egyptian prosecutor allows for Mubarak release

Egypt's top appeals court on March 2 acquitted Mubarak of involvement in the killing of protesters during the revolt that toppled him, ending the final trial for the strongman who had ruled for 30 years.

11:48, 03 July 2015 Friday

Egypt From Mubarak's frying pan into Sisi's fire

Sisi's coup was so bloody that even the sheep that was manipulated into gathering in Tahrir Square was shocked. But it was too late. Morsi being a democratic leader could not use repression and violence against the masses.

17:28, 20 June 2015 Saturday

WikiLeaks reveals Gulf States' 10bn ransom for Mobarak

One of the most revealing memo's of the Wikileaks cable is the revelation of a $10bn ransom for Hosni Mobarak's release

10:44, 04 June 2015 Thursday

Mubarak to be retried over killing of protesters

Egypt's high court said on Thursday former president Hosni Mubarak would be retried in the case of the 2011 killing of protesters.

13:56, 09 May 2015 Saturday

Egypt Mubarak and sons sentenced to jail

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his sons have been sentenced to three years jail.

13:56, 04 April 2015 Saturday

Egyptian court begins retrial of Mubarak in corruption case

Mubarak, 86, toppled in a 2011 popular uprising, was sentenced to three years in prison last May and his two sons were given four-year jail terms in the same case.

11:40, 26 January 2015 Monday

Mubarak's sons released from Egypt prison

An Egyptian court last week ordered the release of Alaa and Gamal Mubarak pending a retrial.

19:30, 25 January 2015 Sunday

Death toll rises to 11 as Egypt marks 4th anniversary

The death toll in pro-democracy protests in Egypt on Sunday climbed to 11, security sources said. Tight security in Cairo and other cities failed to contain protests marking the anniversary of the 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

10:53, 25 January 2015 Sunday

Egyptians hold anti-coup rally in New York

Several hundred demonstrators gather in Manhattan to protest Egypt's president Sisi on fourth anniversary of Jan. 25 Revolution.

23:36, 24 January 2015 Saturday

Protester killed in Egypt on eve of anniversary of 2011

Photographs on Twitter showed members of Egypt's security forces with black masks standing in the area where the woman, liberal activist Shaimaa Sabbagh, was shot.

00:02, 23 January 2015 Friday

Egyptian court orders release of Mubarak's sons

Lawyer Farid el-Deeb said the order for the release of Alaa and Gamal Mubarak should mean they immediately walk free.

16:20, 22 January 2015 Thursday

Protesters police clash near Cairo's Tahrir Square

Protesters had chanted slogans against Egypt's military-backed authorities and President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

13:28, 13 January 2015 Tuesday

Egyptian court overturns last conviction against Mubarak

Now that a retrial has been ordered, judicial sources say Mubarak could walk free as no convictions remain against him.

15:18, 11 January 2015 Sunday

Egypt court orders retrial of Mubarak-era minister

Egypt's highest appellate court accepted the prosecution's appeal of a court verdict against former information minister Anas al-Fiqqi and ordered the retrial of the case.

11:17, 01 December 2014 Monday

Egypt's Sisi refuses to comment on Mubarak ruling

The presidency said that al-Sisi had ordered the cabinet to reconsider Egypt's Criminal Law, a move recommended by the Mubarak trial judge on Saturday

12:42, 15 November 2014 Saturday

Mubarak in 'good health' not in coma Lawyer

Citing unnamed medical sources, local media claimed Saturday that Mubarak had slipped in a coma

11:15, 27 September 2014 Saturday

Egypt court delays Mubarak murder retrial verdict

Egyptian security forces stepped up security on Saturday ahead of the verdict in the murder trial of former president Hosni Mubarak and top security officials.

10:10, 26 September 2014 Friday

From jubilation in Tahrir Egypt returns to Mubarak-era politics

The course of Egypt's transition has raised concerns that the most populous Arab nation will fail to build state institutions free from corruption and nepotism that can deliver political stability and economic growth.

21:36, 13 August 2014 Wednesday

Egypt's Mubarak tells Cairo court his conscience is clear

Mubarak denied in court on Wednesday ordering the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising

11:41, 08 August 2014 Friday

Egypt frees Mubarak regime symbol on record bail

Ahmed Ezz, a steel tycoon, is seen as the symbol of corruption during the era of ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak

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