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20:58, 21 August 2017 Monday
01:15, 20 August 2017 Sunday

Netanyahu Putin to meet over Syria conflict

The two leaders will meet in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi to "discuss the latest developments in the region," Netanyahu's office said in a statement.

01:05, 31 July 2017 Monday

Putin says 755 US diplomats to leave Russia

US diplomats to leave country after Washington's sanctions against Moscow, Russian president says

11:51, 30 July 2017 Sunday

Putin shows off Russia's naval might with major parade

Some 50 warships and submarines were on show along the Neva River and in the Gulf of Finland off the country's second city of Saint Petersburg after Putin ordered the navy to hold its first ever parade on such a grand scale.

14:52, 20 July 2017 Thursday

Russia denies 'secret' meeting between Putin Trump

Kremlin spokesman says there was no undisclosed second meeting between Russian, American heads in Hamburg

12:22, 12 July 2017 Wednesday

Lawyer tells Putin to 'make amends' over MH17 crash

The jet was downed in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board, including 38 Australian citizens and residents.

03:35, 09 July 2017 Sunday

G20 Putin says de-escalation zones crucial for Syria

Russian president says US view of Syrian conflict is becoming 'more pragmatic'

13:15, 08 July 2017 Saturday

Russian media cheer over Trump and Putin handshake

The popular tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda headlined its front page "Putin and Trump found a way to peace in Syria and Ukraine" and devoted two pages to analysis of the leaders' public handshake.

11:02, 04 July 2017 Tuesday

Putin and Xi talking N Korea trade at Kremlin

The meeting in Moscow comes as North Korea claimed the launch of its first inter-continental ballistic missile, and US President Trump urged China to "end this nonsense once and for all".

04:06, 30 June 2017 Friday

Trump to meet Putin at G20 summit

Unclear whether Russia's meddling in US elections will be discussed

13:41, 28 June 2017 Wednesday

Mattis rebukes Putin for international 'mischief'

Speaking to students in Germany to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan to rebuild a ravaged Europe after World War II, Mattis said Russia had chosen to challenge the "secure and peaceful" post-war order.

15:19, 17 June 2017 Saturday

Putin says US sanctions will 'complicate relations'

"Of course this will make Russia-US relations more complex," Putin said in an excerpt from an interview due to air in full at 1700 GMT on Rossiya-1 television.

16:28, 15 June 2017 Thursday

Putin Impact of sanctions against Russia not 'drastic'

New sanctions bill against Moscow is evidence of 'internal political struggle' in US, President Vladimir Putin says  

15:34, 15 June 2017 Thursday

Putin jokes could offer asylum to ex-FBI chief Comey

Speaking at his annual call-in with Russian citizens, Putin, a former KGB officer, said he found Comey's behaviour strange for a security official, after Comey leaked details of his meetings with Trump.

11:21, 12 June 2017 Monday

Putin foe Navalny pushes Kremlin bid despite legal problems

The 41-year-old, whose anti-corruption videos have needled the country's most powerful and drawn a new generation into politics, is bidding to stand in elections against President Vladimir Putin next year.

12:52, 08 June 2017 Thursday

Putin says NATO an 'instrument' of US foreign policy

In interviews with director Oliver Stone, Russian president outlines criticism of alliance

11:10, 05 June 2017 Monday

No 'direct' proof Russia meddled in US elections Putin

Russian president denies claims Moscow interfered in 2016 presidential poll, despite claims by US intelligence agencies

12:52, 04 June 2017 Sunday

Putin condemns London attack

"Putin expresses his profound condolences for the British people and condemns the terrorist attack carried out hours ago in London," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies.

14:46, 03 June 2017 Saturday

Putin US election hackers could have been from anywhere

"Hackers can be anywhere. They can be in Russia, in Asia... even in America, Latin America," he told NBC News, which previewed an interview with the Russian leader that will be broadcast in full on Sunday.

15:46, 01 June 2017 Thursday

Putin Russia Turkey agree on 'key' issues in Syria

There would be no cease-fire or de-escalation zones, Russian president says

17:40, 30 May 2017 Tuesday

Putin talks Syria oil with powerful Saudi prince

Oil producers within and outside the OPEC cartel last week agreed to extend a November accord to cut crude production by nine months in a move spearheaded by Moscow and Riyadh.

13:45, 29 May 2017 Monday

Macron hosts Putin in latest diplomatic test

After playing handshake power games with US President Donald Trump at his first international summit last week, 39-year-old Macron hosts the Russian leader in the splendour of Versailles outside Paris.

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