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07:16, 23 July 2018 Monday
Turks in Germany
12:13, 16 January 2015 Friday

Germany Turkish Imams to show solidarity with media

Imams of Turkish immigrant community to visit media companies in solidarity after Charlie Hebdo attacks.

17:01, 14 January 2015 Wednesday

PEGIDA has same mentality as ISIL says Davutoglu

Turkish Prime Minister says Islamophobic far-right movement PEGIDA constitutes a threat for Germany

10:41, 13 January 2015 Tuesday

Turkish PM calls for reform in UN system

Davutoglu says UN’s inability to stop crimes against humanity in Syria shows need for reform in international system.

23:26, 12 January 2015 Monday

Merkel says Islam quot belongs to Germany quot

Merkel pointed to comments made by former German president Christian Wulff, who said in 2010 that Islam was part of Germany, triggering a fierce debate.

23:09, 12 January 2015 Monday

Turkey urges united stance against Islamophobia

The Turkish PM strongly condemned the terror attacks but underlined they should not be associated with Islam.

11:50, 11 January 2015 Sunday

Turkish imams in Germany to protest French attacks

Turkish imams will stand guard in front of newspaper, magazine and publishing house buildings in Germany.

16:30, 11 January 2015 Sunday

Mosque attacked in Germany second time PHOTO

Swastika signs and some Islamophobic writings were made on the walls of the mosque, including phrases that said, "Germany belongs to Germans." Abusive words were also used that said Muslim culture didn’t belong in Germany.

09:36, 02 January 2015 Friday

Muslims to protest anti-Islam group in Germany

At least 13 non-governmental organizations of Muslim and ethnic-Turkish immigrants in Germany will join protests against the PEGIDA movement.

12:41, 13 December 2014 Saturday

Merkel's partner party revises 'Speak German' proposal

Christian Socialists change proposal to oblige immigrants speak German at home; now just in 'daily life'

09:58, 04 December 2014 Thursday

Thousands turn out for Turkish-German girl's funeral

Thousands of mourners have attended the funeral ceremony of a German student of Turkish descent, who was brutally attacked by thugs on Nov. 15.

15:19, 29 November 2014 Saturday

Turkish girl dies in Germany after attack by thugs

Germany's President Gauck says Tugce Albayrak "had demonstrated civil courage."

14:19, 06 November 2014 Thursday

Germany defends insulting cartoon on Turks

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said “We are weighing this light of caricature art and freedom of thought"

09:15, 05 November 2014 Wednesday

NSU murder-victim families urge Merkel to honor promise

Families of Turkish immigrants killed by far-right terror cell continue to seek answers over neo-Nazi murders three years after disclosure of its existence

10:13, 04 November 2014 Tuesday

Turkey summons German envoy over insulting caricature

Germany's Ambassador summoned to Foreign Ministry over publication of a caricature of Turks in a German school book.

17:41, 03 November 2014 Monday

Ankara slams caricature of Turks in German textbook

Turkish Foreign Ministry says it is 'unacceptable' to use cartoon to examine so-called adaptation issues of Turkish immigrants in Germany.

14:41, 04 September 2014 Thursday

Two mosques attacked in Germany's Lower Saxony

There have been five attacks in mosques around Germany in the past 30 days, four of which involved attempts of arson.

10:29, 22 August 2014 Friday

German investigation into neo-Nazi killers a quot fiasco quot -report

Long-anticipated parliamentary report shows that 10 racist murders could have been prevented, underlines grave failures of intelligence.

13:12, 10 July 2014 Thursday

German language rule for immigrant spouses invalid-European court

The court said this was because of an agreement the European Union made with Turkey in the 1970s to prohibit new restrictions on the freedom to settle in the EU.

10:56, 26 November 2013 Tuesday

Turks in Germany want to keep Turkish citizenship

According to a new survey, 83% of Turkish migrants, who are German citizens at the moment, would keep their Turkish citizenship as well if such were possible.

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