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22:18, 18 March 2018 Sunday
12:26, 04 March 2018 Sunday

Albania Turkish agency restoring 5 Ottoman-era sites

Projects are expected to be completed in 2 years

09:49, 26 February 2018 Monday

EU to help Albania to prepare for accession says Juncker

Western Balkan and Albania are our allies, partners and friendly countries, the European Commission head says

17:57, 24 February 2018 Saturday

Five Western Balkans EU aspirants' border rows

Following a long-standing border dispute between European Union members Croatia and Slovenia, Brussels has warned Western Balkans aspirants that they need to resolve their territorial disputes before joining the bloc.

02:04, 20 February 2018 Tuesday

EU hits out at Albanian PM's Kosovo comments

A spokeswoman told Tirana to focus on its own reforms as it seeks to join the EU, saying comments that could be seen as meddling in other countries were "not helpful".

12:43, 14 January 2018 Sunday

Explosion injures 8 in northern Albania

Police says explosive-laden motorcycle blew up in northern Shkodra city

11:14, 12 January 2018 Friday

Albanian village abandoned pearl of the Balkans PHOTO

Most people have swept into cities in the hope of a better life. But some are staying in the village in the hope that there will be a sustainable rural development.

11:30, 08 January 2018 Monday

Albania Probes Protesters who break down Turkish Flag

Albanian police say they are investigating several dozen protesters who removed a Turkish flag from a Turkish-owned power plant in the north of the country.

15:24, 03 December 2017 Sunday

Albania sends in military rescue from huge floods

The victim, Sabri Vlinga, died while he was working on a electricity pole at Roskovec in the flooded south of the country, the power company said in statement.

13:56, 01 December 2017 Friday

Extreme Floods Hits Albania

Torrential rain overnight caused chaos to Albania’s transportation system, blocking streets and stopping flights and ferries from operating.

11:26, 12 November 2017 Sunday

Turkish aid group helps orphans in Albania

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation helps distribute financial aid to nearly 2,000 orphans in capital Tirana

10:26, 06 November 2017 Monday

How do people spend their time in those countries

The daily activities of people in different geographies are also naturally different. In some countries people prefer to spend time indoors, while citizens of some countries prefer outdoor activities in touch with nature.

09:57, 20 October 2017 Friday

Albanian prosecution seeks arrest of ex-Interior Minister

The Serious Crimes Prosecutor has asked Albania's parliament to lift MP and former minister Saimir Tahiri's immunity, so that he can be arrested in relation to drugs smuggling charges.

01:01, 05 October 2017 Thursday

Is Albania still a secular state

When Albania was created as a state in 1920, the fathers of Albanian nationalism agreed to adopt secularism as the “religion” of the state.

16:53, 13 September 2017 Wednesday

Albanian Parliament approved the new GOV cabinet

After 21 hours of debate and discussion, the Parliament voted with 78 votes in favor the new cabinet government led by Edi Rama, together with his governing program for the next four years. 

15:58, 20 July 2017 Thursday

Golden Tourist Future Awaits Albania s Mystery Island

Once the sealed-off home of military personnel, the island of Sazan, off Vlora, is becoming a major attraction for Albanians and foreigners alike.

10:34, 16 July 2017 Sunday

Memorial ceremony for July 15th in Tirana

In Albania, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the coup attempt in Turkey undertaken on July 15, 2016, was organized a memorial ceremony by the Turkish Embassy in Tirana.

11:34, 12 July 2017 Wednesday

Albanian ex-dictator's grandson jailed for smuggling cocaine

Ermal Hoxha is part of a nine-member group, which includes two Columbians, whose were served prison terms from 10 to 13 years on Tuesday, a Tirana court said.

15:04, 10 July 2017 Monday

Albania seeks petroleum sector investors

Albania has clear strategy to offer incentives for oil sector investments, Albanian PM says  

10:50, 09 July 2017 Sunday

Dash for Bulgarian passports empties Albanian village

Bulgaria and Albania do not share a border.

14:54, 03 July 2017 Monday

Extreme heat all over Europe 11 fires in Albania

Civil Emergency says that 11 fires have started throughout Albania during the past 24 hours.

10:15, 02 July 2017 Sunday

Albania attends Paris meeting of Iranian opposition

Dozens of delegations from around the world were present in this event, including Saudi Arabia, which has opposed the USA-Iran agreement of the Obama administration.

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