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03:04, 20 June 2018 Wednesday
19:42, 30 December 2016 Friday

Finnish neo-Nazi jailed for 2 years over assault

A video shot by the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement, showing the victim lying on a pavement with a small pool of blood behind his head, was still visible on YouTube on Friday.

11:30, 27 November 2016 Sunday

Croatian president poses with pro-Nazi regime symbol

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic was photographed with coat-of-arms of Ustasha, which persecuted and killed vast numbers of Serbs, Jews, Roma and anti-fascists

19:20, 10 November 2016 Thursday

German probes Facebook neo-Nazi list

A map posted on Facebook highlights the names and addresses of 70 Jewish-owned businesses

10:22, 25 October 2016 Tuesday

German neo Nazis egged on Somali boys' suicide

Negotiators tried for an hour to persuade the teenage refugee to move back while neighbours booed and encouraged him to commit suicide.

09:08, 27 September 2016 Tuesday

Danish nationalist party distributes asylum spray

Danish nationalist party leader encourages 'asylum spray' as self-defense against refugees

14:20, 16 March 2016 Wednesday

Germany bans neo-Nazi group carries out sweeping raids

'This is a group of neo-Nazis who spew hate openly against our country, against our society, against people with different political opinions, against migrants and also against police,' German interior minister says

13:13, 11 April 2015 Saturday

Germany fears 90's style xenophobia increasing

Dramatic increase in attacks against asylum seekers raises concerns over growing racism and xenophobia.

16:48, 14 January 2015 Wednesday

PEGIDA's anti-Muslim calls shake up German politics

While PEGIDA leaders deny they are racist, slogans like 'No Sharia!' and 'In 2035 Germans will be a minority!' betray a hostility to foreigners.

09:17, 14 January 2015 Wednesday

Revived Nazi-era term 'Luegenpresse' is German non-word of year

"Luegenpresse", first used in Germany by critics of the free press during World War One, earned the dubious "Unwort des Jahres" (Non-Word of the Year)

16:30, 11 January 2015 Sunday

Mosque attacked in Germany second time PHOTO

Swastika signs and some Islamophobic writings were made on the walls of the mosque, including phrases that said, "Germany belongs to Germans." Abusive words were also used that said Muslim culture didn’t belong in Germany.

11:55, 16 December 2014 Tuesday

15 000 join anti-Islam protest in eastern Germany

Across Germany, right-wing organizations are using anti-Islam rhetoric to further their ideas -- and finding a receptive audience

11:24, 22 December 2014 Monday

Mosque under construction attacked in Germany

Anti-Islamic slogans and a swastika was painted on a wall of mosque that was being constructed.

09:26, 15 December 2014 Monday

German anti-Islam marches gain support racist crimes increase

Security officials are warning of an increase in hate crimes, while opinion polls show support for the marchers' calls for a tougher German immigration policy.

11:16, 14 December 2014 Sunday

Merkel s bloc accused of anti-immigrant sentiments

Opposition says populist rhetoric of Christian Democrats encourages right-wing extremists, as Merkel's Bavarian ally presses for restrictive immigration policies

09:16, 14 December 2014 Sunday

Germans want tougher stance from Merkel on immigration

In the survey by TNS for Spiegel magazine, 65 percent said the chancellor's right-left coalition was not taking current record levels of immigration and asylum seekers seriously enough.

17:18, 12 December 2014 Friday

Neo-Nazis burn asylum homes Merkel condemns racism

Buildings in a Bavarian town being turned into refuges for asylum-seekers were set on fire and daubed with swastikas. Merkel condemned all such crimes

11:41, 26 November 2014 Wednesday

NSU murders show institutional racism in Germany expert says

Racism expert says Germany should come to grips with problems of structural racism and denial

09:55, 23 November 2014 Sunday

Far-right extremists rally in Berlin

Around 800 far-right extremists protested the construction of a refugee hostel by shouting racist slogans.

09:38, 21 November 2014 Friday

Violent tendencies 'growing among German far-right'

Political education foundation's report warns of mounting trend towards violence among Germany’s right-wing extremists

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