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14:38, 19 July 2018 Thursday
10:50, 14 June 2018 Thursday

2018 FIFA World Cup to kick off today

Russia, Saudi Arabia to play opening match of tournament

09:54, 19 March 2018 Monday

Denmark Turkish Embassy attacked with Molotov cocktail

4 people set embassy building on fire in Copenhagen early Monday, says police official

14:38, 22 January 2018 Monday

Catalan leader Puigdemont arrives in Denmark

Danish broadcaster TV2 released an image on its website of Puigdemont being surrounded by reporters after his plane landed in Copenhagen Airport. 

18:10, 23 December 2017 Saturday

Mosques in Denmark increase by 48 pct over last decade

Aarhus University's research shows number of mosques in Scandinavian country jumps from 115 in 2006 to 170 in 2017

10:01, 20 July 2017 Thursday

Istanbul nightclub massacre suspect arrested in Denmark

Ibrahimjon Asparov accused of supplying weapons, ammunition to main suspect in deadly Reina nightclub attack New Year’s Eve

20:15, 04 May 2017 Thursday

Wolves return to Denmark for first time in 200 years

Exterminated by hunters, wolves had been completely extinct in Denmark since the beginning of the nineteenth century. 

14:44, 02 May 2017 Tuesday

Denmark bans six hate preachers including five Muslims

The list includes two Saudis, a Canadian, a Syrian, and two Americans, including pastor Terry Jones who burned copies of the Quran in 2011.

08:49, 17 January 2017 Tuesday

Dutch vote to set off Europe's 'super election year'

The Dutch vote will be the first in a string of elections held against a backdrop of growing anti-EU sentiment and fears over Europe's largest wave of immigration since World War II which have emboldened far-right parties.

11:02, 03 December 2016 Saturday

Denmark to pull its jets from Turkish airbase

Danish FM says they will withdraw seven F-16s located at Turkey's Incirlik air base from operations in Syria, Iraq

21:19, 30 November 2016 Wednesday

Danish court deports Slovakian woman for begging

The City Court of Copenhagen said in a court verdict that the woman had already been convicted several times for begging.

19:59, 29 November 2016 Tuesday

Dutch MPs approve partial ban on burqa wearing in public

Only 150 women in Denmark wear the full-face burqa

18:49, 27 November 2016 Sunday

Danish PM launches new three-party coalition bid

Denmark’s minority government is expanding into a three-party coalition in order to drive through policies that cut taxes and keep public spending growth under control.

20:39, 08 November 2016 Tuesday

Denmark to trial medical cannabis programme

Denmark approves medical cannabis trial

09:08, 27 September 2016 Tuesday

Danish nationalist party distributes asylum spray

Danish nationalist party leader encourages 'asylum spray' as self-defense against refugees

13:07, 07 September 2016 Wednesday

Denmark to pay for Panama Papers data on tax evaders

"We cannot be sure of the end result, but everything suggests that it is useful information that the Danish tax authority will now pursue."

12:51, 05 May 2016 Thursday

Danish centre bans Muslim covering for students

An adult education centre has banned the niqab for Muslim students and has refused admission to six female students

16:20, 08 April 2016 Friday

Danish govt seeks Syria travel ban after arrests

Under the proposal, Danish citizens and residents would face up to six years in jail if they travel to an area where a 'terror organisation' is taking part in an armed conflict

17:21, 30 March 2016 Wednesday

Denmark eyes measures against 'hate preachers'

Preachers who 'don't respect the basic norms in our society'could in the future be stripped of the right to officiate marriages, prime minister says

16:50, 11 March 2016 Friday

Danish activist convicted for helping refugees

Lisbeth Zornig has been punished for picking up a Syrian family in a port through which many refugees pass en route from Germany and driving them to Copenhagen

13:34, 04 March 2016 Friday

Denmark ready to step up ISIL fight

Danish government is due to 'submit a bill to a parliamentary vote to strengthen the campaign against ISIL'

16:20, 16 February 2016 Tuesday

Danish searches for refugee valuables bring in 'nothing'

Police reports that since February 5 no money has been raised via the new rules which allow to seize refugees' valuables

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