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14:12, 24 June 2018 Sunday
17:12, 16 July 2016 Saturday

Turkey s top judicial board suspends 2 745 judges

The HSYK also terminates the membership of five of its members

17:26, 14 July 2015 Tuesday

Turkey suspend 49 judges and prosecutors

Top judicial body rules on officials implicated in wiretapping cases

15:19, 12 May 2015 Tuesday

Turkish prosecutors dismissed for attempted coup

The country's top judicial watchdog has dismissed four prosecutors and a judge for their involvement in the 17-25 December operations.

10:47, 26 October 2014 Sunday

Turkey's president assigns four remaining top judicial members

Following elections for top board of judiciary, 22-member assembly now complete as last four members are assigned

10:21, 13 October 2014 Monday

New members of Turkey s top judicial body elected

Turkish justice minister says judges and prosecutors said “no” to ideological understanding of judiciary.

09:44, 12 June 2014 Thursday

Turkey judicial body announces mass reshuffle

Turkey's highest judicial body re-assigns thousands of chief prosecutors across several provinces

10:47, 12 May 2014 Monday

Turkey's Erdogan vows to prevent political speeches in judicial platforms

PM Erdogan said former elites still consider themselves the owners of the country although their time has passed.

17:38, 25 April 2014 Friday

Turkish top judge's unyielding speech gets criticism

The head of Turkey's Constitutional Court denounced "excessive" political criticism of his tribunal, in a defiant challenge to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan who has has criticized recent court rulings. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said that the country's constitutional court has become the main political opposition

12:37, 11 April 2014 Friday

Turkish Constitutional Court rescinds Justice Minister powers- UPDATED

The Justice Minister's powers on judicial assignments was found to be against the constitution.

12:37, 26 February 2014 Wednesday

Turkey's president approves law on judiciary

Gul approved a law changing the structure of Turkey's Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecuters. The judiciary bill will give the government more say in the naming of judges and prosecutors.

10:07, 22 February 2014 Saturday

Turkey's top court rejects annulment of judiciary law

The demand for the annulment was made on the grounds that the law has not been published in the Official Gazette, a requirement for a law to enter into force.

12:10, 15 February 2014 Saturday

Turkey approves new judiciary law

Turkish parliament approved a new judiciary law on Saturday.

16:11, 11 February 2014 Tuesday

Turkish Parliament expects amendments on top judicial body

Turkey's justice minister says some articles withdrawn and remaining sections will be discussed in the General Assembly parliamentary session

09:35, 22 January 2014 Wednesday

96 judges prosecutors changed in Turkey

96 judges and prosecutors have been changed in the structural shake-up of the HSYK.

09:57, 17 January 2014 Friday

Turkey's parliamentary commission approves judicial reform

The decision comes just hours after the Turkish opposition rejected the plan to amend the constitution on the HSYK.

13:45, 16 January 2014 Thursday

Turkish opposition rejects judiciary reform plans

The Republican People's Party (CHP) has rejected plans to make changes to the constitution regarding the Turkish judicial system.

09:35, 09 January 2014 Thursday

Turkish judiciary rulings to be subjected to review

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said the amendment is aimed at the accountability of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) before the judiciary.

09:59, 31 December 2013 Tuesday

Turkish deputy PM slams prosecutors abusing power

Turkish deputy prime minister Bulent Arinc said the Justice Ministry will deal with judges and prosecutors behaving contrary to the law.

12:48, 27 December 2013 Friday

Turkey's justice minister slams top judicial board

Turkey's justice minister Bekir Bozdag said that Thursday's statement by the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors breaches the principles of constitutional state and judicial independence.

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