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11:45, 18 July 2018 Wednesday
Barack Obama
11:35, 16 July 2018 Monday

Obama visits Kenyan family to launch youth centre

Obama arrived in his father's native Kenya on Sunday, where he paid courtesy calls on President Uhuru Kenyatta and main opposition leader Raila Odinga.

10:10, 08 May 2018 Tuesday

Trump hired spy firm to get dirt on Iran arms

Israeli agency told to find incriminating material on Obama diplomats who negotiated deal with Tehran

13:28, 23 April 2018 Monday

Obama to deliver Mandela lecture in S Africa in July

Obama, who met with Mandela in 2005 and who made an emotional address at his funeral, will speak at the lecture marking 100 years since the anti-apartheid icon was born.

01:04, 10 December 2017 Sunday

Obama invokes Nazi Germany in plea to avoid complacency

"We get complacent and assume that things continue as they have been, just automatically, and they don't," Obama said in comments at a conference in Chicago, footage of which was available Friday on social media.

16:37, 30 June 2017 Friday

Obama visits childhood home Jakarta

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo met with Obama at the presidential palace on the outskirts of Jakarta, with Obama delighting local media by greeting Widodo with "apa kabar" -- how are you in Indonesian.

19:45, 08 May 2017 Monday

Obama warned Trump not to hire Flynn former official

Obama warned Trump about Flynn's conduct during a first meeting in the Oval Office, a warning "based on Flynn’s role as head of DIA," according to a former administration official

10:15, 29 March 2017 Wednesday

Trump deals blow to Obama-era environmental protections

Move meant to create coal jobs and make 'American wealthy again', US president says

11:26, 26 January 2015 Monday

quot We have a deal quot - insurance may unlock

Indian and U.S. diplomats said the idea was to transfer the financial risk to insurers in case of an accident.

19:48, 17 March 2017 Friday

US makes formal apology to Britain over wiretapping

The US has made a formal apology to Britain after the White House accused GCHQ of helping Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump.

10:09, 16 March 2017 Thursday

Barack Obama to spend a month in French Polynesia

The former US president landed on the tourist island Tahiti without his family before going to Marlon Brando's privately owned retreat Tetiaroa atoll, which the Oscar-winning actor bought in the 1960s.

21:29, 06 March 2017 Monday

Obama 2017 50 000 French want him as president

The charismatic Obama's signature smile has also popped up across Paris in tricolour posters with his iconic 2008 slogan "Yes We Can" translated into French ("Oui on peut"). 

02:00, 05 March 2017 Sunday

Obama team hits back at Trump over wiretapping claims

Claims former president is behind leaks that have rocked Trump administration 'simply false', Obama spokesman says

16:11, 04 March 2017 Saturday

Trump accuses Obama of 'tapping' his phone

Trump repeatedly has denied having any personal ties to the Kremlin, and his aides have denied or played down contacts with Russian officials but is now accusing Obama of tapping his phone during his campaign

11:14, 26 February 2017 Sunday

Obama-era veteran picked to lead Democratic Party

Perez, a labor secretary under former president Barack Obama and the party's first Hispanic-American leader, immediately named the contest's runner-up, leftist lawmaker Keith Ellison, as the party's deputy chairman.

17:59, 20 January 2017 Friday

Barack Obama leaves Oval Office for last time

Obama walked into the Oval Office holding a letter, which he left on the Resolute desk, a 19th century gift from Queen Elizabeth that is made from the timber of a British arctic vessel.

17:55, 19 January 2017 Thursday

Moscow says its criticism of Obama not personal

"It's true that during the period of the presidency of Mr. Obama our relations seriously worsened on all levels," President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Obama's last full working day as US leader before Donald Trump is sworn in Friday.

15:57, 19 January 2017 Thursday

Obama policies made a 'muddle' of Syria

Problems in Syria remain emblematic of incoherence in Obama’s foreign policy, despite Kerry’s attempt at defense

09:57, 18 January 2017 Wednesday

Obama grants Chelsea Manning early release

Ex-army analyst to be released from military prison May 17; was sentenced to 35 years in jail in 2013

08:33, 11 January 2017 Wednesday

Obama gives farewell speech in Chicago

'We are all in this together,' President Barack Obama tells Americans, 'we rise or fall as one.'

08:44, 10 January 2017 Tuesday

Obama's bloody legacy 26 171 bombs in 2016

Barack Obama will be remembered for many things but new figures just released show that the US dropped nearly three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day, mostly in Syria and Iraq, but also in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. That’s seven majority-Muslim countries.

10:01, 07 January 2017 Saturday

Obama set for pardon frenzy as he leaves office

Sixteen years later, Obama is fielding pressure from all sides to grant unlikely pardons or commutations of sentences to people whose supporters say have been unjustly sentenced or sought out by the justice system.

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