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09:21, 25 June 2018 Monday
11:51, 21 June 2018 Thursday

32 armed extremists killed in Sinai

Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula has been epicenter of militant insurgency since 2013 military coup

13:15, 05 June 2018 Tuesday

Egypt forces kill 15 terrorists in northeastern Sinai

Army has been carrying out wide-ranging operation against Sinai-based militants since February

15:52, 14 April 2018 Saturday

Suicide bombing kills 8 soldiers in Egypt s Sinai

Army says a group of militants attacked a military camp in central Sinai

15:50, 08 April 2018 Sunday

Egypt forces kill 4 militants amid Sinai operation

At least 24 soldiers have been killed since security operation began on Feb. 9

16:35, 23 March 2018 Friday

Egypt opens Gaza border for two-day period

Hamas-run Gaza Strip continues to groan under decade-long Israeli/Egyptian blockade

12:25, 01 March 2018 Thursday

Two Egyptian officers killed in Sinai operations

Weeks-long military campaign is ostensibly aimed at finding, destroying Sinai-based militant groups

11:27, 19 February 2018 Monday

Egyptian troops killed amid Sinai operation

The offensive comes amid preparations to hold Egypt's presidential election in March  

17:50, 16 February 2018 Friday

Egyptian army's Sinai operation enters second week

56 militants killed, 909 detained since operation began eight days ago, military spokesman asserts

02:04, 04 January 2018 Thursday

Roadside bomb kills police officer in Egypt's Sinai

No group has yet claimed responsibility for bombing in northern Sinai Peninsula

14:17, 15 December 2017 Friday

Palestine state in Sinai rumors madness French envoy

Cairo has long rejected any Middle East settlement that would require it to cede sovereign territory

03:05, 29 November 2017 Wednesday

Local tribes to join anti-terror fight in Egypt s Sinai

Bedouin tribes to play non-combat role in Egypt’s fight against militant groups in volatile Sinai Peninsula

15:40, 24 November 2017 Friday

Two militants killed in Egypt s Sinai Peninsula Army

Egypt has been fighting low-intensity insurgency in Sinai since bloody 2013 military coup  

14:37, 16 October 2017 Monday

6 killed in clashes in Egypt s Sinai

No group has yet claimed responsibility for attack  

16:43, 13 October 2017 Friday

6 Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai attack

"The assailants fled and many were killed and wounded," he said, without giving further details.

18:00, 04 October 2017 Wednesday

Deal of century won t include land concession Egypt

Egypt denies conceding an area in Sinai as part of deal to solve Palestinian-Israeli conflict  

14:30, 13 September 2017 Wednesday

2 soldiers killed by unknown attackers in Egypt s Sinai

Incident occurs two days after roadside-bomb attack leaves 18 security personnel dead in peninsula’s northeast  

14:05, 09 August 2017 Wednesday

4 troops shot dead in Egypt's Sinai

No group claimed responsibility for attack  

09:20, 22 July 2017 Saturday

30 militants killed in Egypt's Sinai

12 militants’ vehicles destroyed, including four rigged with bombs

16:09, 19 July 2017 Wednesday

Bomb blast shooting kill 9 in Egypt's Sinai

Sinai Peninsula has remained the epicenter of deadly militant insurgency since 2013  

11:19, 09 July 2017 Sunday

Roadside bomb kills 2 policemen in Egypt's Sinai

Nine riot police personnel were also injured in attack

18:38, 08 July 2017 Saturday

Turkey condemns attack in Egypt's Sinai

On Friday, at least 26 soldiers were killed or injured in suicide bomb attack claimed by Daesh

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