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00:55, 18 June 2018 Monday
09:20, 26 January 2017 Thursday

Trump favours torture but will follow CIA Pentagon advice

President Donald Trump has said that he believes torture works with his comments coming in the wake of reports a draft executive order has been prepared which will allow the CIA to reopen notorious ‘black site” overseas prisons.

08:22, 19 December 2016 Monday

Deaths in police custody go unpunished in India HRW

While police typically blame deaths in custody on suicide, illness or natural causes, autopsy reports examined by HRW showed injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

09:34, 06 December 2016 Tuesday

Torture rampant in China's 'shuanggui' system HRW

Sleep deprivation, food and water deprivation, severe beatings, being forced into stress positions for extended periods of time, and threats to family members are just part of the torture that make up the internal justice system

19:43, 01 November 2016 Tuesday

Amnesty Jailed Russian activist was tortured

Ildar Dadin said he was beaten and hung up with handcuffs at a prison in northern Russia, according to a letter sent to his wife and released Tuesday to Russian media.

13:28, 02 April 2016 Saturday

Palmyra mass grave uncovers ISIL tortured women children

At least 42 bodies from a mass grave have been uncovered, most of them women and children killed by ISIL

13:53, 14 July 2015 Tuesday

US torture doctors could face charges

A group of American psychologists can possibly face charged after repeated denials that its members were involved in Bush administration-era torture

09:32, 27 June 2015 Saturday

Over 11 000 Syrians tortured to death' since 2011

An average of three or four Syrians die everyday as a result of torture every day, says a report by UK rights group

10:15, 17 June 2015 Wednesday

U S Senate passes ban on torture

The US senate has passed a bill to ban the use of torture.

16:12, 11 March 2015 Wednesday

US denies UN investigator access for 2 years

U.N. investigator seeks access to U.S. prisons with 80,000 estimated to be in solitary confinement

10:55, 25 February 2015 Wednesday

U N report finds torture still widespread in Afghan jails

Despite showing progress to prevent torture and ill treatment, UN envoy says more needs to be done.

10:17, 23 December 2014 Tuesday

Rights groups wants US special prosecutor on torture

American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch urge attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to scrutinize CIA torture.

10:06, 18 December 2014 Thursday

EU Parliament probe needed into members' role in CIA torture

Members of European Parliamant want investigation of any help EU member countries gave the CIA in its rendition, torture and secret detention of terrorism suspects

15:18, 14 December 2014 Sunday

UK lawmakers to ask for secret parts of CIA report

Britain's foreign and domestic security services, known as MI6 and MI5, have for years been accused of colluding in the ill-treatment of suspected militants.

09:38, 12 December 2014 Friday

CIA chief admits agency used 'abhorrent' methods on detainees

Brennan rejected the report's conclusion that the agency had deceived the White House, Congress and the public about its interrogation program

17:52, 11 December 2014 Thursday

Moral lessons from the CIA

The moral issues of American policies, which are covered up with national interests, and can never be covered up for too long.

12:50, 11 December 2014 Thursday

Thailand denies hosting any secret CIA prison

The Thai government has repeatedly denied that the CIA operated a secret prison in Thailand, despite numerous international media reports in which U.S. intelligence officials have identified the country as the host of a so-called black site.

13:36, 11 December 2014 Thursday

UK Deputy PM says open to inquiry over spies' role

Britain's foreign and domestic security services, known as MI6 and MI5, have for years been accused of colluding in the ill-treatment of suspected militants.

13:15, 11 December 2014 Thursday

US trials unlikely in CIA torture foreign cases maybe

Legal experts say action in international arena could spur domestic activity against those responsible for CIA torture program.

09:18, 11 December 2014 Thursday

CIA torture report sparks outrage worldwide

The United States faced criticism from the United Nations as well as governments that Washington often reprimands for human rights violations over a Senate report on CIA torture techniques

17:03, 10 December 2014 Wednesday

Afghanistan's Ghani 'shocked' by CIA human rights violations

Ghani demanded to know how many Afghans were among those subjected to painful and humiliating interrogations at a secret CIA site in the country

14:22, 10 December 2014 Wednesday

Lithuania presses US to say whether it tortured prisoners there

Lithuania was not named in the heavily redacted U.S. senate report, but but the description of a "detention centre Violet" is consistent with the Lithuanian parliament investigation, which found that the CIA set up and ran premises fit for a detention centre near the capital Vilnius.

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