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23:39, 23 November 2017 Thursday
22:25, 21 November 2017 Tuesday

Zimbabwe s Robert Mugabe resigns

President Mugabe has submitted resignation letter to parliament

05:08, 18 November 2017 Saturday

Zimbabwe's ousted vice president back in the country

In talks with the army chief on Thursday, Mugabe refused to resign, as sources suggested the veteran leader was "buying time" to negotiate his exit. 

09:58, 16 November 2017 Thursday

S African regional bloc meets to discuss Zimbabwe

Meeting is currently underway in Botswana  

01:07, 16 November 2017 Thursday

US urges 'all Zimbabwean leaders' to show restraint

A State Department official said the US embassy in Harare has been closed to the public as a safety precaution and a message has been sent urging American citizens to shelter at home.

10:02, 15 November 2017 Wednesday

Zimbabwe army takes control of Harare denies coup

Military says president, family safe, pledges to stand down after targeting criminals around president

15:18, 22 October 2017 Sunday

WHO set to make statement on Mugabe role

A spokeswoman for the UN's public health agency, Fadela Chaib, told AFP that an announcement on the Mugabe fracas would be made "in the coming hours".

11:46, 08 October 2017 Sunday

Zimbabwean president to reshuffle cabinet next week

The world's oldest head of state rarely changes his Cabinet

17:06, 03 October 2017 Tuesday

South Africa Zimbabwe vow to enhance bilateral ties

South African president meets his Zimbabwean counterpart in capital Pretoria  

12:53, 01 September 2017 Friday

Zimbabwe VP exonerates Mugabe from food poisoning saga

Vice president Emerson Mnangagwa suddenly fell ill at rally held on August 12

13:55, 31 August 2017 Thursday

Zimbabwe marchers back embattled first lady

Ruling-party supporters stage Harare protest over assault allegations against Grace Mugabe

14:11, 20 August 2017 Sunday

Zimbabwe first lady flies home leaving S Africa assault case

The president had flown to South Africa on Wednesday to attend a two-day regional leaders' summit in Pretoria that began Saturday -- which police said she had been expected to attend.

04:05, 16 August 2017 Wednesday

Zimbabwe s first lady no-show in court

Grace Mugabe fails to appear after reportedly turning self into police to face assault charges

17:21, 09 July 2017 Sunday

Zimbabwe's Mugabe in Singapore for medical check report

"President Mugabe on Friday left the country for Singapore for a routine medical check-up," the Sunday Mail newspaper reported.

11:05, 03 June 2017 Saturday

Learning is key in Zimbabwe's makeshift schools

'Hard work has produced the results we enjoy here even though we teach our pupils in temporary structures'

06:09, 02 June 2017 Friday

Turkey sends Zimbabwe 35 tons of aid

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency helps 1,000 flood-stricken families in Zimbabwe

12:51, 15 May 2017 Monday

Stray Zimbabwe lions pit villagers vs conservationists

While conservationists stress the lions' right to life, villagers say they fear the loss of their lives and livelihoods

11:57, 30 April 2017 Sunday

Refugees in Zimbabwean camp struggle after floods

Heavy rains that hit Zimbabwe and killed 246 people have left only refugee camp in the country in a dire state

15:21, 22 April 2017 Saturday

Anti-Mugabe election coalition takes shape in Zimbabwe

Mugabe, who would be 99 if he held power through another full term, has ruled through the country's drastic economic collapse.

13:58, 20 March 2017 Monday

Zimbabwe appeals for millions after deadly floods

Hundreds killed by extreme weather

17:11, 03 March 2017 Friday

Zimbabwe journalists arrested over Mugabe article

3 journalist face charges over article alleging 93-year-old president suffers from prostate cancer

12:58, 18 January 2017 Wednesday

Lightning kills six at Zimbabwe wake

Heavy rains have deluged Zimbabwe in recent days, causing floods and killing people who attempted to cross rivers that had burst their banks.

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