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06:56, 20 June 2018 Wednesday
Free Syrian Army
10:25, 14 April 2018 Saturday

Turkish army FSA secure entrances to Syria's Afrin

Newly-established control points are aimed at protecting local civilians and thwarting terrorists

12:40, 23 March 2018 Friday

Turkey Free Syrian Army clear 4 more villages in Afrin

On Jan. 20, Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch to clear YPG/PKK-ISIL terrorists from Afrin, Syria

13:55, 11 March 2018 Sunday

FSA captures military base used by YPG PKK in Afrin

Base in Afrin, Syria cleared of terrorists during Turkish-led Operation Olive Branch, with many military vehicles seized

13:07, 08 March 2018 Thursday

Turkey Free Syrian Army free 1 more village in Afrin

In Turkish-led operation, village of Mashale in northeast Afrin cleared of YPG/PKK-ISIL terrorists

04:16, 24 February 2018 Saturday

Turkey Free Syrian Army clear village of terrorists

Bafler village is located in southwest of Afrin, Syria

12:47, 31 January 2018 Wednesday

Turkish soldiers Free Syrian Army liberate village

Syrian village of Bak Ubasi liberated from PYD/PKK terrorists as part of ongoing Operation Olive Branch

10:13, 21 January 2018 Sunday

Free Syrian Army launches major operation in Afrin

Move comes after Turkey announces start of 'Operation Olive Branch'

09:30, 05 January 2017 Thursday

20 ISIL extremists' killed in northern Syria

74 ISIL targets also destroyed during Turkey-led Operation Euphrates Shield

13:02, 16 October 2016 Sunday

Free Syrian forces drive ISIL from 2 villages

One of the villages cleared under Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield has special importance for ISIL

09:04, 20 September 2016 Tuesday

Free Syrian Army clears ISIL from two areas

Turkish military says 75 ISIL targets also hit by artillery fire

09:20, 17 August 2016 Wednesday

8 wounded Free Syrian Army fighters taken to Turkey

Fighters being treated at Kilis State Hospital in southeastern Turkey

17:42, 09 April 2016 Saturday

Free Syrian Army may move to western Syria Turkish FM

'If ongoing armed conflicts taking place around western Syria get resolved, Free Syrian Army will be shifted to western side to combat ISIL,' Cavusoglu says

15:02, 22 June 2015 Monday

Assad's new policy defend your village but not on frontline

Bashar al-Assad has changed his policy saying that young men who evaded draft to rejoin the army.

17:51, 29 April 2015 Wednesday

Syrian oppostion advance to central Aleppo

Opposition forces kill 76 regime soldiers in Aleppo, vowing to continue until they control Aleppo

10:26, 04 January 2015 Sunday

Syrian rebel factions join forces

First Army in country's south aims to overcome infighting and disunity among anti-Assad armed groups.

11:27, 09 December 2014 Tuesday

Al-Nusra detains 150 Free Syrian Army fighters -report

Around 150 fighters belonging to the Free Syrian Army have been detained by the al-Nusra Front in Syria’s Idlib province

23:52, 08 December 2014 Monday

U N Syria envoy pitches Aleppo truce plan to rebels

The plan, led by Staffan de Mistura, would set up local truces in so-called "freeze zones" to stop fighting and allow aid into rebel districts.

15:29, 05 December 2014 Friday

U S training of Syrian rebels still months away

Hadi al-Bahra, head of the Turkey-based Syrian opposition National Coalition, said the United States and its allies needed to find ways of increasing help to the moderate rebels.

16:18, 26 November 2014 Wednesday

Qatar runs covert desert training camp for Syrian rebels

The camp, south of the capital between Saudi Arabia's border and Al Udeid, the largest U.S. air base in the Middle East, is being used to train the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and other moderate rebels

23:47, 24 November 2014 Monday

Turkey to host training for 2 000 Syrian rebels

The Turkish official said the 2,000 Syrian rebel fighters would be among a total of 5,000 being trained in several countries as part of the U.S.-led campaign.

12:26, 20 November 2014 Thursday

Free Syrian Army did not abandon Aleppo spokesman says

Turkey's Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic denies claims that the Free Syrian Army have abandoned war-torn city of Aleppo.

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