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13:55, 22 June 2018 Friday
10:20, 20 February 2018 Tuesday

Flu killed 22 children last week in US

CDC flu season update reveals season appears to have peaked in 13 states

11:10, 17 February 2018 Saturday

Flu killed 22 American children last week

CDC flu season update reveals season appears to have peaked in 13 states

14:45, 11 August 2017 Friday

Philippines declares first ever H5 bird flu outbreak

An immediate cull was ordered for all chicken, ducks and quail within a kilometre (0.6 miles) of the infected poultry in San Luis town, north of Manila, said Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol.

03:04, 30 July 2017 Sunday

Myanmar Swine flu deaths go up to 7

Number of infected people also goes up to 41 from 30

14:07, 27 December 2016 Tuesday

Japan culling 90 000 more birds for avian flu

The new drive means more than a million farm birds will have been killed in seven mass culls this season as officials work to prevent the spread of the virulent H5 strain, which has been detected at several farms across the country.

09:17, 28 February 2015 Saturday

Watch out for nasty global flu surprises WHO warns

WHO said that on many levels, the world is better prepared now than ever before for aflu pandemic

15:00, 14 January 2015 Wednesday

Woman dies in Egypt of H5N1 bird flu second death

Two people have died from the H5N1 strain of bird flue this month in Egypt

11:22, 04 December 2014 Thursday

U S says flu shots may not be good match

Flu seasons dominated by influenza A (H3N2) strains tend to have higher overall hospitalization rates and more flu-related deaths, especially among older people and very young children

14:56, 21 February 2014 Friday

Seasonal flu claims 53 lives in Greece

Seasonal flu claims 53 lives in Greece so far this year.

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