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12:46, 24 May 2017 Wednesday
13:57, 23 May 2017 Tuesday

Iraqi forces take center of Qayrawan district in Mosul

Pro-government forces captured the district after overnight offensive  

19:45, 22 May 2017 Monday

Coalition raid kills ISIL militants in Iraq s W Mosul

Iraqi forces to set up pontoon bridge linking northern city’s eastern, western halves

16:48, 19 May 2017 Friday

West Mosul s displaced exceed 526 000 Iraqi official

Most displaced persons have sought refuge in city’s southern, western and eastern quarters, minister of migration says

14:40, 17 May 2017 Wednesday

Attacks airstrike kill dozens in Iraq's Mosul

25 civilians were killed in an airstrike in western Mosul

16:54, 12 May 2017 Friday

Over 630 000 people displaced in Mosul UN

UN Refugee Agency spokesman says more than 434,000 displaced from western Mosul since mid-February alone  

15:07, 09 May 2017 Tuesday

5 killed in ISIL attacks in Iraq s Mosul

Iraqi forces are engaged in offensive to oust ISIL from western Mosul  

18:11, 05 May 2017 Friday

Civilians killed in Mosul missile attack Police source

Missile attack by unknown perpetrators leaves 81 dead in ISIL-held western Mosul, Iraqi police source says

13:48, 01 May 2017 Monday

Catastrophic' humanitarian situation in Mosul Iraq VP

400,000 civilians have been displaced from Mosul's western part since February

13:39, 30 April 2017 Sunday

Airstrike kills 15 Iraqi civilians in Mosul Activist

Another five Iraqis trying to flee western Mosul were executed by ISIL militants

19:52, 19 April 2017 Wednesday

Iraqi army says third of old western Mosul retaken

13 districts of western Mosul remain under terrorist group’s control, Iraqi police sources say

11:42, 23 April 2017 Sunday

90 civilians killed in Mosul fight Iraqi officer

Victims were caught in fight between ISIL and Iraqi forces

15:18, 20 April 2017 Thursday

Iraqi forces make fresh gains against ISIL in W Mosul

Army claims to inflict ‘severe losses’ on terrorist group amid ongoing battle for strategic city

02:01, 18 April 2017 Tuesday

3 ISIL leaders killed in Iraq s W Mosul Army

Backed by US-led air power, Iraqi forces began fresh operations in February against ISIL-held western Mosul  

13:23, 17 April 2017 Monday

2 Iraqi soldiers killed in Mosul clashes

Deadly clashes reported in western Mosul

14:59, 16 April 2017 Sunday

Coalition raids kill scores of civilians in Mosul NGO

Civilian houses occasionally come under attacks by coalition warplanes in Mosul

10:59, 16 April 2017 Sunday

Iraq The battle for Mosul

Six months since Iraqi forces launched a vast operation to oust the ISIL group from second city Mosul, they have recaptured its east and are battling for the west.

02:01, 15 April 2017 Saturday

ISIL mufti killed in W Mosul Iraqi police official

Iraqi police claim to kill ISIL-appointed ‘mufti’ after announcing capture of city’s western entrance

17:53, 12 April 2017 Wednesday

Coalition raid kills 13 Iraqi civilians in Mosul

Iraqi authorities have launched an investigation into the incident

18:22, 10 April 2017 Monday

Suspected ISIL gas attack kills 4 in Iraq s E

Three chlorine-packed rockets are fired into army-held eastern Mosul from city’s Daesh-held western half, Iraqi army says

17:30, 10 April 2017 Monday

Mosul on way to becoming second Aleppo

Iraq’s Mosul is now on the way to becoming another Aleppo – but without the international community’s crocodile tears

19:50, 22 March 2017 Wednesday

Iraqi forces take two more villages in W Mosul Army

Army’s 9th Armored Division wrests two more villages of western Mosul from ISIL terrorist group

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