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17:18, 21 June 2018 Thursday
14:39, 12 April 2018 Thursday

Greek jet fighter crashes into Aegean

Mirage 2000 aircraft goes down near Skyros Island

11:14, 24 February 2018 Saturday

95 undocumented migrants held in Aegean

26 others caught allegedly trying to smuggle goods into northwestern Turkey

15:10, 13 February 2018 Tuesday

Turkey rescues 44 migrants in Aegean Sea

Turkish Coast Guard rescues 44 migrants after boat begins to sink en route to Greece

14:50, 11 January 2018 Thursday

Turkey rescues over 40 undocumented migrants in Aegean

Among rescued people are 13 Afghans, 8 Syrians, 6 Sierra Leoneans, 6 Angolans, 3 Eritreans, 2 Malians

09:47, 03 January 2018 Wednesday

55 irregular migrants held on ship in Aegean Sea

Syrians, Angolans, Senegalese, Congolese, Somalis and Gambian among the irregular migrants attempting to cross Greek island

16:46, 22 July 2017 Saturday

Aegean quake damaged 32 buildings in Bodrum Turkish PM

Binali Yildirim says 3 abandoned buildings collapsed in Turkish resort as result of earthquake in the Aegean Sea

16:25, 21 March 2017 Tuesday

Huge drop in migrant numbers taking Aegean route

Turkish Coast Guard data reveals 85 percent drop in asylum seekers and 95 percent fall in deaths at sea in the Aegean

16:39, 01 February 2017 Wednesday

Turkey records huge drop in Aegean arrivals to Greece

Coast Guard sees 86 percent fall in number of people intercepted crossing from Turkish territory

15:50, 02 November 2016 Wednesday

Oct sees fewer refugees traveling to Greece via Aegean

Some 35,000 refugees intercepted so far this year trying to cross the Aegean, down 47 pct from last year

13:52, 20 October 2016 Thursday

30 migrants rescued overnight from boat in Aegean

The imperiled migrants, including Africans and Syrians, were unable to fix broken motorboat engine before Coast Guard rescue

16:19, 02 September 2016 Friday

Refugees trying to reach Greece via Aegean on the rise

Turkish Coast Guard Command intercepts over 1,500 refugees in August

09:17, 04 December 2015 Friday

MSF Greenpeace begin refugee rescue op off Turkey

MSF calls for the opening of a safe and legal passage at the land border between Turkey and Greece

15:15, 07 July 2015 Tuesday

Migrant sailboat sinks at least 17 missing

Migrant sailboat sinks in Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece, at least 17 people missing. Greek authorities say the operation is ongoing.

18:09, 30 April 2015 Thursday

Turkish coast guard rescues over 300 migrants

Four days of rescue operations result in 303 being saved in Turkey's western Aegean Sea.

13:33, 06 April 2015 Monday

Boat sinks in Aegean Sea 4 dead

At least four people confirmed dead after boat illegally carrying migrants to Greece sinks in Aegean Sea.

09:34, 09 March 2015 Monday

Turkey slams Greek's statement

Turkish foreign ministry says such 'irresponsible actions' are raising the tensions in the Aegean, after Greek defense minister refers to 'invasion' of Cyprus

14:04, 25 November 2014 Tuesday

Greece acts to rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants

The Kiribati-flagged vessel, with about 700 people aboard, was sailing 30 nautical miles (55 km) southeast of Crete

09:23, 17 October 2014 Friday

Turkey captures 79 illegal immigrants in Aegean Sea

Seventy-nine immigrants, and two organizers of the illegal crossing were captured by Turkey's coast guard.

17:53, 30 September 2014 Tuesday

Greek F-16s harrass Turkish warship aircraft

A Turkish warship was harrassed in international waters, while a Turkish training aircraft was tracked in international air space.

12:06, 05 September 2014 Friday

Turkish coastguards rescue 82 migrants from Black Sea

The migrants had been left for two days without food or water after traffickers left them after experiencing a technical problem, but they did not return.

17:04, 23 July 2014 Wednesday

170 refugees saved in Aegean Sea off Turkish coast

A woman who was 9 months pregnant was one of 170 Afghan and Syrian refugees saved by the Turkey Aegean Coast Guard.

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