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22:40, 26 May 2018 Saturday
14:57, 28 January 2015 Wednesday

Russian parliament ratifies alliance pact with Abkhazia

The agreement includes a defense pact between Russia and Abkhazia that obligates both sides to come to each other's aid in the event of aggression.

15:18, 09 December 2014 Tuesday

Georgian FM slams Russia-'Abkhazia' deal

During her visit to Turkey, Georgian Minister Berchashvili urged international community to condemn the Russian initiative

14:26, 26 November 2014 Wednesday

Latvia sees security threat in Russian deal with Abkhazia

Like Georgia, Latvia is a former Soviet republic that is wary of Moscow, and its government has taken a tough line over Russia's actions in Ukraine.

09:08, 26 November 2014 Wednesday

Ukraine condemns Russia-'Abkhazia' deal

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says Ukraine does not recognize alliance between Russia and self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia.

13:14, 25 November 2014 Tuesday

Russia Abkhazia sign collective defense agreement NATO denounces

Russia and the self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia have signed a strategic alliance partnership agreement that includes a collective defense pact.

15:59, 23 November 2014 Sunday

Russia says to tighten ties with Abkhazia

Putin will meet Abkhazia's Raul Khadzhimba in Russia's Black Sea resort of Sochi on Monday to sign an "alliance and strategic partnership" agreement

10:26, 01 November 2014 Saturday

European concerns over Russia-Abkhazia proposed treaty

The proposed 'integration' treaty between Russia and the breakaway Republic of Abkhazia violates international law, say co-rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

10:22, 26 August 2014 Tuesday

NATO snubs Abkhazia 'head of state'

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says NATO allies do not recognize an independent Abkhazia as the region holds presidential election.

10:26, 25 August 2014 Monday

Abkhazia elects opposition leader as president

Voters went to the polls to choose between Aslan Bzhania, head of national security; former Interior Minister Leonid Dzapshba; Defence Minister Mirab Kishmaria; and opposition leader Raul Khadjimba.

15:28, 21 June 2014 Saturday

South Ossetia first to recognize Luhansk People's Republic

The Luhansk government asked for its independence to be recognised by fifteen countries, including Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Serbia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

11:05, 06 June 2014 Friday

In Russian protege Abkhazia a cautionary tale for Crimea

After nearly six years as effectively a protectorate of Russia, life is still tough for many in the breakaway Georgian region

17:25, 02 June 2014 Monday

Russian Islamic leader Putin being drawn into Abkhazia conflict

Heidar Jemal, the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia, said Putin is being drawn into a conflict in Abkhazia and the annexation of Crimea by Russia would lead to serious consequences.

23:33, 01 June 2014 Sunday

Abkhazian president resigns amid protests

Alexander Ankvab resigned, just a day after the local parliament voted to hold early presidential elections in August

09:14, 01 June 2014 Sunday

Abkhazia's parliament votes for early presidential elections

Whoever leads Abkhazia, it will continue to have close ties with Moscow, on which it depends for political and economic assistance.

15:37, 31 May 2014 Saturday

Abkhazia president flees seeks refuge in Russian base

The president of the breakaway Georgia region had on May 29 sacked Prime Minister Aleksandr Ankvab and his government after mass protests mounted pressure on his administration due to unemployment and high prices.

15:46, 30 May 2014 Friday

Opposition leaders say they hold power in Abkhazia

The Abkhazia parliament asked Prime Minister Leonid Lakerbaya to resign amidst political and social turmoil.

14:31, 28 May 2014 Wednesday

Abkhazia president calls protests 'coup attempt' Russia concerned

Opposition protesters broke windows and doors to take control of the presidential building, while others held talks with President Alexander Ankvab after several thousand gathered in the capital of the Black Sea region.

16:32, 14 May 2014 Wednesday

Georgia summons Turkish ambassador over Abkhazia visit

Georgia expressed concern over the visit of Turkish journalists to the breakaway region.

11:43, 10 May 2014 Saturday

Abkhazia republic seeks international recognition

Independent Republic of Abkhazia aims for diplomatic and friendly relations with other countries, says foreign minister.

16:23, 01 April 2014 Tuesday

Tuvalu withdraws recognition of breakaway Georgia regions

Tuvalu has withdrawn its support for Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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