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15:17, 19 June 2018 Tuesday
15:34, 08 June 2018 Friday

Austria to close 7 mosques expel imams

One of the mosques belongs to the Turkish-Islamic Cultural Associations (ATIB)

15:34, 05 June 2018 Tuesday

350 mosques urge probe of Conservative Islamophobia

Announcement follows similar calls made by Muslim Council of Britain and senior Conservative Party members

17:09, 03 June 2018 Sunday

Home secretary denies Tory Islamophobia problem

Sajid Javid hits back at letter seeking probe of Islamophobia problem, despite support from senior Tory MPs and peers

15:22, 30 May 2018 Wednesday

Founder of Islamophobic group jailed in UK

Tommy Robinson pleaded guilty to contempt of court after posting a video violating trial rules  

10:27, 23 May 2018 Wednesday

Toronto mayor condemns hate graffiti at Muslim school

School officials thank community for outpouring of support

15:52, 19 April 2018 Thursday

Islamophobia and move towards authoritarianism

Abandonment of principle of equality as a basis for democracy that ought to secure the equal treatment of all of its citizens means that we are witnessing a re-emerging political order

13:29, 13 April 2018 Friday

Xenophobia in Europe changed into Islamophobia

Head of Turkish parliament's Human Rights Committee also called Islamophobia a ‘threat to world peace’

09:11, 09 April 2018 Monday

Right wing uses Islamophobia for election gains'

Islamophobia in Europe and the U.S. is being used as a political project by right-wing politicians, says leading scholar

10:44, 07 April 2018 Saturday

Islamophobia conference kicks off in Istanbul

Mehmet Gormez, former head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate, also speaks at international conference

10:19, 07 April 2018 Saturday

Islamophobia changing ties between citizens state

‘Islamophobia is no longer is restricted to where there are Muslim minorities’ says Salman Sayyid of the University of Leeds

14:03, 21 March 2018 Wednesday

Anti-Muslim group not to be put on trial in Netherlands

Islamophobic hate group had planted crosses on construction site for mosque in eastern Netherlands

12:21, 03 March 2018 Saturday

Spain sees over 500 Islamophobic incidents last year

Report by Citizens' Platform Against Islamophobia says 51 percent of incidents recorded in Catalonia

12:08, 13 January 2018 Saturday

Study finds Trump Muslim ban shifted public opinion

New report finds protests against executive order caused public opinion to side against ban

14:19, 10 January 2018 Wednesday

NY Muslim police officers harassed with hate messages

'There were multiple lockers with anti-Muslim graffiti and it is being investigated,' police bureau said.

09:47, 02 December 2017 Saturday

UK McDonald's asks Muslim woman to remove headscarf

Fast-food chain apologizes after video surfaces on Twitter showing student being refused entry to London branch

04:07, 10 October 2017 Tuesday

Austrian police fine man over face-veil stunt

Businessman Rashid Nekkaz covered face with banknotes, pictures of Austrian foreign minister over so-called 'burqa ban'

10:35, 01 October 2017 Sunday

Anti-Muslim group confronted by protesters in Quebec

Protestors: We are talking about Shariah law, which goes against the Constitution of Canada

00:36, 22 September 2017 Friday

EU report reveals anti-Muslim discrimination

Islamophobia threatening alienation among Europe's Muslims despite high attachment to home countries

02:01, 03 September 2017 Sunday

Islamophobic attack targets mosque in Netherlands

A far-right group hanged anti-Islam banners on an under-construction mosque in Venlo

16:28, 23 August 2017 Wednesday

French magazine faces ire over 'Islamophobic' cover

New Charlie Hebdo cover accused of stirring up hatred against Muslims by linking Islam to terrorism

06:23, 17 August 2017 Thursday

British MPs back action over 'Muslim problem' article

Jewish, anti-Islamophobia groups make joint complaint about controversial tabloid piece  

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