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00:48, 21 July 2018 Saturday
02:27, 29 June 2016 Wednesday

German intelligence warns of far-right terror

Refugee crisis has led to formation of right-wing terrorist groups, security service warns

09:35, 18 May 2016 Wednesday

New Austrian chancellor may work with far-right

Austria has appointed a new chancellor who has not ruled out working with far-right

09:36, 08 February 2015 Sunday

UK far-right group holds Islamophobic demonstration

Police have arrested at least 30 people during a protest in the English town of Dudley.

09:36, 15 January 2015 Thursday

Dutch far-right Pro Patria to hold 'March for Freedom'

About 1,000 supporters of far-right group confirm they will join anti-Muslim demonstration

09:36, 02 January 2015 Friday

Muslims to protest anti-Islam group in Germany

At least 13 non-governmental organizations of Muslim and ethnic-Turkish immigrants in Germany will join protests against the PEGIDA movement.

16:20, 01 January 2015 Thursday

One in 8 Germans would join anti-Muslim marches -poll

Since 17,500 Germans stood in front of the Dresden City Opera House chanting “No more lies. We are the people,” it has become clear that the far right is again on the rise in Germany.

09:29, 29 December 2014 Monday

Ex-minister blames Merkel for rise of far-right groups

Hans-Peter Friedrich said Merkel made a "disastrous mistake" by wooing centre-left voters and ignoring those on the right.

16:19, 27 December 2014 Saturday

Germany needs immigration FinMin says after rallies

The sudden emergence of far-right movement PEGIDA, which last week held a 17,500-strong anti-immigrant, anti-Islam rally in the eastern city of Dresden, has forced lawmakers to respond.

11:55, 16 December 2014 Tuesday

15 000 join anti-Islam protest in eastern Germany

Across Germany, right-wing organizations are using anti-Islam rhetoric to further their ideas -- and finding a receptive audience

10:50, 23 December 2014 Tuesday

Record number at Germany's anti-immigrant racist rally

A counter-demonstration of 4,000 people tried to disrupt the PEGIDA rally, which grew from a previous record of 15,000 a week ago and has embarrassed the political establishment

09:58, 23 December 2014 Tuesday

Italy breaks up neo-fascist group suspected of planning attacks

The police statement said the group was led by Stefano Manni, a 48-year-old former policeman with long-standing far-right connections

10:19, 16 December 2014 Tuesday

Move to the right stirs uproar at staid Swiss newspaper

Outraged reporters at Switzerland's oldest newspaper appeared to have foiled an attempt to install an editor with links to a leading right-wing party

09:55, 23 November 2014 Sunday

Far-right extremists rally in Berlin

Around 800 far-right extremists protested the construction of a refugee hostel by shouting racist slogans.

09:38, 21 November 2014 Friday

Violent tendencies 'growing among German far-right'

Political education foundation's report warns of mounting trend towards violence among Germany’s right-wing extremists

09:53, 16 November 2014 Sunday

Hooligans and extremists rally in Germany

Some 3000 far-right extremists and self-styled hooligans demonstrated shouting racist slogans, while 4,500 leftists and anti-fascists held counter-demonstrations in Hanover

09:18, 12 November 2014 Wednesday

Nationalist groups who believe traditional Polish values are under threat march through Warsaw each year to mark the anniversary of Polish independence

14:03, 08 November 2014 Saturday

Austrian far-right politician calls asylum seekers quot cave men quot

Hoebart, defending his comments, said that anyone who could think would know that cave men simply meant humans who are "many many years behind our culture".

23:44, 29 October 2014 Wednesday

Police confirmed only that a man on a motorcycle had shot and wounded a Jewish rabbi in his 50s outside the Menachem Begin Centre complex

14:49, 17 October 2014 Friday

Greece's Golden Dawn members to face trial

If found guilty of charges of leading and participating in criminal organization party could be dissolved

14:25, 09 October 2014 Thursday

Dutch prosecutors summon Wilders over racist remarks

Wilders will be questioned on suspicion of insulting a group on the basis of race and inciting discrimination and hatred, prosecutors said

15:18, 19 September 2014 Friday

Austrian town officials resign after Nazi basement film

The scene shows five men in traditional dress singing a drinking song in a room featuring a portrait of Hitler, a swastika flag and mannequins wearing Nazi uniforms and helmets.

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