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14:53, 21 July 2018 Saturday
17:48, 20 May 2018 Sunday

Apple-Samsung iPhone design copying case goes to jury

Apple is seeking slightly more than a billion dollars in damages, while Samsung wants a figure closer to $28 million.

10:46, 02 May 2018 Wednesday

Apple's iPhone sales plummet from last quarter

Company's shares climb in after-hours trading due to on-year increase in net income and revenue  

11:21, 26 April 2018 Thursday

Apple CEO meets with Trump on trade

Tim Cook had private meeting with U.S. president to discuss White House trade policies

12:24, 08 January 2018 Monday

Apple urged to study iPhone addiction in children

The "growing societal unease" over the intensive use of smartphones by children is "at some point is likely to impact even Apple", they warned. 

10:32, 12 December 2017 Tuesday

Apple acquires music app Shazam

Shazam, which identifies songs from short excerpts, likely to be rolled into Apple’s mobile device software

10:26, 09 November 2017 Thursday

Apple closes with market value over 900 billion

Company hits new milestone for publically traded US businesses and might soon be worth $1 trillion

13:25, 04 November 2017 Saturday

Apple briefly worth more than 900B

iPhone-maker on track to be first $1 trillion company in US

15:58, 29 October 2017 Sunday

New iPhone brings face recognition

Apple's newest device, set to go on sale November 3, is designed to be unlocked with a facial scan with a number of privacy safeguards -- as the data will only be stored on the phone and not in any databases.

15:56, 12 October 2017 Thursday

Ireland approves massive Apple data centre

The project, which was first announced more than two-and-a-half years ago, would be the biggest private investment in western Ireland.

05:34, 05 October 2017 Thursday

EU hammers Amazon Apple over taxes

Europe's competition chief Margrethe Vestager accused tiny Luxembourg of an illegal deal with internet shopping giant Amazon to pay less tax than other businesses.

02:02, 13 September 2017 Wednesday

Apple unveils button-less 999 iPhone X

Company reveals 3 new iPhones, including new flagship model with facial recognition software

13:11, 26 August 2017 Saturday

Users demand Apple stop removing popular Iranian apps

Company says its focused on removing apps that could potentially send Iranian money into Apple’s accounts

15:13, 06 August 2017 Sunday

Apple's China problem highlights conundrum for tech sector

The iPhone maker is the latest from Silicon Valley to face a conundrum in balancing their value for human rights and free expression against a government intent on controlling online content.

02:04, 30 June 2017 Friday

Apple s iPhone turns 10

Release of first iPhone by Steve Jobs changed the world

12:04, 10 May 2017 Wednesday

Apple starting US tech manufacturing fund with 1 bn

Apple investing in high-tech manufacturing in the United States would come as rare common ground with US President Donald Trump, who hammered away at the theme during his campaign for office last year.

08:35, 09 May 2017 Tuesday

Apple market cap climbs above 800 billion

The firm's market capitalization climbed to $815.08 billion on Monday -- a first for any company in history

04:09, 06 May 2017 Saturday

Apple jumps to lead wearable computing with smartwatch

The survey released Thursday by Strategy Analytics showed Apple grabbed a 15.9 percent share of the wearables market in the first quarter.

09:37, 03 May 2017 Wednesday

Apple's dilemma what to do with 256 bn cash pile

Apple's quarterly report Tuesday showed its cash holdings -- the vast majority held overseas -- jumped to a sum that tops the entire economic output of Chile.

07:31, 06 April 2017 Thursday

Australia takes Apple to court over 'refusing service' claims

The proceedings, against Apple Pty Limited and its US-based parent Apple Inc, were brought on behalf of 275 consumers. 

10:37, 03 February 2017 Friday

Apple to build iPhone in India this year

The US giant has not confirmed the move, but chief executive Tim Cook said this week the company intended to "invest significantly" in India, where a pick-up in the economy provides ample opportunity for growth.

05:02, 01 February 2017 Wednesday

iPhone sales lift Apple to record quarter

The results showed strong demand for Apple's iPhone 7 models launched last years, even as profits dipped 2.6 percent to $17.9 billion.

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