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15:01, 24 March 2017 Friday
02:05, 08 March 2017 Wednesday

Facebook wins case vs Syrian refugee in Merkel selfie

The court ruled that the US social media giant was not obliged to actively search out and delete defamatory posts, like those that had falsely linked the claimant to Islamist attacks and violent crimes.

10:25, 02 March 2017 Thursday

Facebook using artificial intel to spot suicidal users

New tools allow company to identify at-risk users on Messenger, Facebook Live in US

10:35, 28 February 2017 Tuesday

Facebook shuts page of Palestinian Fatah movement

Israel regularly accuses Palestinians, including the Fatah-led Palestinian leadership, of inciting violence on social networks.

08:14, 17 February 2017 Friday

Zuckerberg envisions Facebook as a 'global community'

Mark Zuckerberg writes an "essay" on Facebook, which offers a detailed, idealistic vision of the role of the world's biggest social network

04:01, 15 February 2017 Wednesday

Facebook pushes video onto TV screens with new apps

The new apps -- for Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV -- will provide a more convenient way for users of the social network to view videos on a large screen.

04:05, 09 February 2017 Thursday

Facebook CEO project gives US scientists 50M

Chan Zuckerberg Biohub promises 47 California scientists as much as $1.5 million each

20:45, 06 February 2017 Monday

Syrian refugee sues Facebook over fake news links

A Syrian refugee taking a selfie with Angela Merkel is now suing Facebook for defamatory use of his image

09:44, 28 December 2016 Wednesday

Facebook Safety Check triggers false Bangkok bomb scare

The check-in feature allows users to signal to friends that they are safe after an event in their area such as a terror attack or natural disaster.

15:25, 20 December 2016 Tuesday

EU charges Facebook over WhatsApp buyout

The European Commission said the EU's greenlight of the buyout, announced in October 2014, was not in jeopardy but the social network could face almost two hundred million euros in fines. 

21:51, 15 December 2016 Thursday

Facebook lets users click to report fake news

The US social giant, with some 1.8 billion users worldwide, has however avoided being labeled a "media company" or implemented efforts to impose editorial judgments on news being shared.

10:44, 06 December 2016 Tuesday

Major tech firms team up to curb 'terrorist content'

Critics of the companies have called for these efforts, saying they could be based on a similar program to curb child pornography.

08:30, 02 November 2016 Wednesday

Facebook linked to longer lifespans

Study shows users live longer, although causality not proven

09:13, 29 October 2016 Saturday

Advertisers can exclude racial groups on Facebook

Reporters able to post advertisement that excluded Asians, blacks, Hispanics

10:17, 25 October 2016 Tuesday

Trump launches nightly Facebook Live show

Straight from the horses mouth, Trump has launched a nightly live show on Facebook to counter the biased media

12:46, 15 October 2016 Saturday

Germany threatens Facebook with hate speech law

A German politician has said Facebook should pay for failing to remove online hate comment

20:30, 03 October 2016 Monday

Facebook expands reach with buy-and-sell 'Marketplace'

Facebook enters e-commerce with a new launch today called Marketplace, allowing users buy and sell items locally

07:57, 30 September 2016 Friday

Palestinians launch drive against Facebook 'censorship'

Popular social-media platform criticized for blocking Palestinian activists’ accounts, deleting posts

10:48, 10 September 2016 Saturday

Norway's front page letter to Mark Zuckerberg

The 1972 picture of a naked Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack is considered one of the Vietnam war's defining images

09:26, 02 September 2016 Friday

Explosion destroys Facebook satellite meant for Africa

Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to continue effort to provide satellite for Africa

09:31, 27 August 2016 Saturday

WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook

Facebook will target advertising to Whatsapp users but will steer clear of third party advertising content

12:05, 30 July 2016 Saturday

Facebook to challenge US bill for back taxes

Facebook may be forced to pay back more than $3 billion in taxes after federal investigators asked a judge in California to force Facebook to open up its financial and business records for 2010

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