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11:06, 19 July 2018 Thursday
Iraq army
15:04, 13 October 2017 Friday

Iraqi army denies reports of operations south of Kirkuk

Denial comes amid reports of fresh operations to retake areas held by forces loyal to Kurdish Regional Government

15:56, 31 October 2016 Monday

Iraqi army allies retake 5 more villages near Mosul

More villages on Mosul’s outskirts fall before army advance as US-led coalition aircraft strike ISIL positions in city

11:17, 06 April 2015 Monday

Governor Peshmerga should help Iraq army

Mosul Governor Asil Nujaifi has called on Kurdish Peshmerga forces, as Iraqi forces prepare Mosul campaign to save major Iraqi city from ISIL

10:04, 02 March 2015 Monday

Iraq army launch attacks north of Baghdad

Iraqi army forces bombarded ISIL positions. The offensive is the biggest military operation in the province

16:24, 24 January 2015 Saturday

Iraq 5 killed 18 wounded in Baghdad attacks

Iraqi security forces find 25 corpses of ISIL militants in a medical center in northern Baghdad.

07:40, 23 January 2015 Friday

Turkey US plan training of Iraqi Peshmerga in March

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson says Turkey and the U.S. plan to start training of Iraqi Peshmerga in March.

11:05, 15 January 2015 Thursday

Iraq says US-led coalition not doing enough against ISIL

Parliament speaker Jabouri said he told Allen that the international community must "activate its role" because Iraq feels that, despite air strikes and other assistance, it is fighting largely on its own.

09:50, 06 January 2015 Tuesday

U S troops training Iraqi military at bases in Anbar

The United States had about 2,140 military personnel in Iraq as of Jan. 4, with about 800 of those protecting U.S. personnel and facilities and the remaining 1,340 advising Iraqi forces

10:47, 31 December 2014 Wednesday

200 Sunni women and children detained by Shi'ite militias in

As militia building strategic military road to Samarra, accounts of destruction of Sunni homes continue

12:32, 29 December 2014 Monday

Barzani My plan is to change the Sykes-Picot agreement

"They asked about my plan," as Barzani talks to Reuters: "I said, 'My plan is to change the Sykes-Picot agreement'"

11:55, 27 December 2014 Saturday

Iraq calls on US to arm Sunni tribes against ISIL

Iraqi parliament Speaker Juburi calls on the U.S. to provide arms to 100,000 Sunni tribesmen living in ISIL-controlled regions.

09:52, 24 December 2014 Wednesday

As U S troops return to Iraq more private contractors

The presence of contractors in Iraq, particularly private security firms, has been controversial since a series of violent incidents during the U.S. occupation

09:28, 23 December 2014 Tuesday

Jordan to begin training Iraqi troops soon

Iraqi defense minister Khaled al Obeidi said Amman would supply the Iraqi army with arms needed for its drawn-out fight against the fighters who have seized wide swathes of the north and west of his country.

16:31, 23 November 2014 Sunday

Iraqi forces say retake two towns from ISIL

Jalawla and Saadiya are located in Diyala province which is mainly under the control of the Baghdad government forces and Kurdish peshmerga.

13:13, 20 December 2014 Saturday

6 killed 22 wounded in Baghdad attacks

28 ISIL militants were killed in airstrikes, including an assistant of ISIL leader

13:19, 17 December 2014 Wednesday

Inside Iraq's quot killing zones quot Sunnis forced to leave

The battle for the Baghdad Belt will help define the future of Iraq and whether it will break up in all but name. Both Shi'ite and Sunni tribal figures as well as Iraqi security officials say the militias have decided to rid the capital's hinterlands of its Sunni majority for good.

19:08, 15 December 2014 Monday

Five killed 13 injured in Baghdad attacks

Also, the Iraqi Peshmerga have claimed to have taken control of three villages from the ISIL group in northern Iraq’s Kirkuk city.

09:29, 13 December 2014 Saturday

Iraqi forces retake regions from ISIL across Iraq

Iraqi forces killed around 135 ISIL militants in various clashes in northern and western Iraq.

16:39, 11 December 2014 Thursday

Iraqi forces launch operation against ISIL in Anbar -UPDATED

Iraqi military commander killed during conflict in attempt to free city from ISIL militants.

14:27, 10 December 2014 Wednesday

Iraq preparing to liberate Mosul from ISIL -UPDATED

Nineveh Provincial Council says first shipment of arms reaches Erbil International Airport

10:09, 10 December 2014 Wednesday

Iraqi army says kills 51 ISIL militants

Operations by the Iraqi military, assisted by aerial strikes, kill 51 ISIL militants in western and northern Iraq

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