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01:11, 20 June 2018 Wednesday
far right parties
13:21, 22 April 2017 Saturday

Clashes as Germany's AfD party stages showdown

Thousands have disrupted Germany's anti-immigration AfD party today

08:56, 20 April 2017 Thursday

Desperate Le Pen hardens her tone in final stretch

Polls show that a majority of French people still support the EU and the euro.

09:30, 27 March 2017 Monday

Leader of India's biggest state boosts Hindu right agenda

Hindutva, which roughly translates as "Hinduness", aims to create a Hindu homeland free from "foreign" communities such as Muslims and Christians, whom adherents perceive as a legacy of successive invasions since the eighth century.

07:47, 16 March 2017 Thursday

Geert lost Rutte wins Dutch election

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders took to Twitter Wednesday to thank supporters as his party appeared to have picked up seats in parliament, and warned he was around to stay.

08:47, 15 March 2017 Wednesday

Beginner's guide to Dutch elections

Away from the tourist delights of the tulips, windmills and clogs, here is a beginner's guide to the Dutch elections:

16:37, 25 February 2017 Saturday

Dutch PM Rutte faces far right challenge with Wilders

After six years in power at the head of two coalition governments, Rutte is fending off a biting challenge from his far-right rival Geert Wilders in the March 15 elections.

07:04, 22 February 2017 Wednesday

Far-right firebrand quits Breitbart news

Yiannopoulos is reviled by his critics as racist and misogynistic, but casts himself as a gay crusader against "political correctness."

20:41, 20 February 2017 Monday

France's FN raided over European Parliament expenses scandal

Le Pen, who has led the anti-EU party since 2011, is a member of the European Parliament which accuses her of defrauding it of nearly 340,000 euros ($362,000).

09:03, 17 February 2017 Friday

French presidential hopeful defends Algeria remarks

Emmanuel Macron rejects right-wing criticism of his remarks that French rule in Algeria was a 'crime against humanity'

08:47, 14 February 2017 Tuesday

Dutch polls to test European waters for far-right

In what would be a seismic upheaval in Dutch politics, GroenLinks is predicted to trample over more established parties, such as traditional Christian parties, and may even come in third.

09:27, 13 February 2017 Monday

Islamophobia' fuelling terrorism UN chief

Anti-immigration politicians from the far right parties including France's Le Pen and US's Trump have had a big rise in popularity amid influx of refugees fleeing Middle East wars

17:29, 12 February 2017 Sunday

Swiss vote yes for citizenship in defeat for right-wing

Majority of voters back proposal supported by government and most MPs, polls show, despite rightwing campaign against it

00:11, 11 February 2017 Saturday

Turkish minister to EU Don't build another Berlin wall

Far-right groups in Europe are building an ideological Berlin wall around Europe, Omer Celik says

08:37, 10 February 2017 Friday

Le Pen French Jews will have to give up Israeli

The far right leader Marine Le Pen has said that dual citizenship will not be accepted and that French Jews will need to give up their Israeli citizenship as 'Israel isn't an EU member.'

13:15, 02 February 2017 Thursday

They keep their promises' French town smitten with far-right

Three years after elections, residents of the town are still smitten with Mayor Steeve Briois, the grandson of a miner.

10:01, 28 January 2017 Saturday

Turmoil in Sweden as conservatives woo far-right

Officials from the Moderates and the far-right are due to meet "in the near future", Swedish daily Dagens Industri reported on Friday. 

12:58, 21 January 2017 Saturday

European nationalists hold counter summit in Germany

Billed as a "counter-summit", organisers of the European Nationalists have said the parties would use the event in the historic Rhine river city of Koblenz to set out their joint "vision for a Europe of freedom".

09:06, 19 January 2017 Thursday

Le Pen to head European Nationalist meeting

A right wing gathering on Saturday comes ahead of closely-watched votes in key eurozone countries in coming months.

15:47, 03 December 2016 Saturday

Austria's ceremonial election campaign draws to a close

A victory on Sunday for Norbert Hofer from the anti-immigration and EU-critical Freedom Party (FPOe) would make him Europe's first far-right elected president since 1945.

09:22, 02 December 2016 Friday

Austria far-right eyes presidency under Trump shadow

Polls indicate that both Norbert Hofer and Alexander van der Bellen will be neck and neck in the Austrian election

08:49, 28 November 2016 Monday

Austria's presidential rivals clash over refugees Trump

If Hofer wins the election, he would be the first far-right populist to become head of state in Western Europe.

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