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12:00, 18 July 2018 Wednesday
17:26, 16 July 2018 Monday

Peshmerga carry out first joint operation

Operation is aimed at restoring confidence after last year’s illegitimate poll on Kurdish regional independence

15:53, 16 July 2018 Monday

US alliance Peshmerga hunt down ISIL in northern Iraq

ISIL still maintains a limited presence in northern and western Iraq

12:10, 18 April 2018 Wednesday

Peshmerga to stay out of disputed areas

Reports that Peshmerga fighters would soon return to disputed parts of Iraq are ‘untrue’, Nechirvan Barzani says  

12:51, 23 March 2018 Friday

Iraq Turkmen cry foul over Peshmerga 'double-vote' plan

Allowing Peshmerga to vote twice in upcoming polls would violate Iraq’s national charter, Turkmen politician asserts

03:02, 20 December 2017 Wednesday

Baghdad denies reports of looming attack on Peshmerga

Kurdish region’s security agency said Monday that federal forces were planning to seize more territory in N. Iraq

22:30, 13 December 2017 Wednesday

Peshmerga left 95 of Iraq s disputed areas Official

Since mid-October, Peshmerga have withdrawn from vast majority of ‘disputed’ parts of Iraq, Kurdish official says

03:04, 12 December 2017 Tuesday

Iraq Kurdish region govt cuts ties with Ezidi forces

15,000 Ezidi Peshmerga fighters disobeyed orders to withdraw from positions, Erbil-based KRG says  

17:01, 23 October 2017 Monday

Germany No proof Peshmerga used German arms in Kirkuk

Berlin says it is investigating media reports claiming Peshmerga used German weapons on Iraqi government forces  

13:41, 20 October 2017 Friday

Iraqi forces Peshmerga clash in sub-district of Kirkuk

‘Fierce’ clashes now underway in Kirkuk between Iraqi forces, Peshmerga fighters, official Iraqi sources report

10:30, 18 October 2017 Wednesday

Iraq 9 killed in clashes near Mosul dam

On Monday, Iraqi government forces captured oil-rich Kirkuk from Peshmerga forces  

13:37, 17 October 2017 Tuesday

Peshmerga withdrawal spooks civilians in Iraq's Kirkuk

Thousands flee northern city after Peshmerga fighters retreat before Iraqi army advance, local sources report

10:19, 17 October 2017 Tuesday

Germany suspends Peshmerga military training in N Iraq

Defense Ministry says that officials closely monitoring developments

10:02, 15 October 2017 Sunday

Peshmerga not to withdraw from Kirkuk

Oil-rich city's ex governor says people support Peshmerga

11:21, 14 October 2017 Saturday

Turkmen militia Peshmerga clash in northern Iraq

Gunfire broke out as police deactivated bomb planted near mosque

13:57, 12 October 2017 Thursday

Army downs Peshmerga drone in N Iraq Military source

Tensions mount between Baghdad and Erbil following last month’s illegitimate poll on Kurdish regional independence

13:03, 12 October 2017 Thursday

Peshmerga cut Erbil-Mosul road Iraqi military sources

Erbil responds to sanctions by Baghdad by cutting strategic road into Mosul in northern Nineveh province

16:12, 04 August 2017 Friday

3 Peshmerga fighters killed in Iraq s Kirkuk province

Despite loss of Mosul, ISIL remains in control of large swathes of territory in southwestern Kirkuk  

13:39, 01 May 2017 Monday

Peshmerga leader says Turkish airstrikes hurt PKK

Recent bombardments forced PKK to abandon camps, search for new locations, Peshmerga figure says

03:01, 27 April 2017 Thursday

Turkey offers condolences over Peshmerga deaths

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim talks to President Masoud Barzani after Turkish airstrike

06:37, 13 April 2017 Thursday

Ezidis of Sinjar fleeing PKK ranks Peshmerga commander

'About 500 Ezidis applied to join Peshmerga forces, leaving the PKK,' says peshmerga commander

09:39, 04 May 2016 Wednesday

Peshmerga forces retake Christian town from ISIL in Iraq

ISIL had briefly overtaken Tel Skuf in 2014, but town later fell back into hands of peshmerga forces

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