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21:31, 18 July 2018 Wednesday
pro-palestine protests
16:16, 06 February 2015 Friday

Greece govt says it is pro-Palestine but can it affect

Experts say Syriza party is pro-Palestine, but with economic and other hurdles to surmount, exercising solidarity may be a challenge.

11:58, 27 October 2014 Monday

Pro-Palestinian activism on rise in US campuses

Anti-Defamation League reports a 114-percent increase in number of pro-Palestine events at US colleges after Israel's summer onslaught on Gaza.

17:01, 25 September 2014 Thursday

Scottish pro-Palestine protesters occupy arms factory

In a press release, the Glasgow Palestine Action Network (GPAN) said it decided to take action in protest against “the UK economy’s ever growing military industrial cooperation with governments that flout international law.”

18:02, 23 September 2014 Tuesday

Anti-Israel rabbi's car attacked in UK

Rabbi Ahron Cohen’s car was attacked outside his home in Salford in the early hours of last Friday, police have revealed.

11:32, 23 September 2014 Tuesday

UK politician suspended over 'anti-Israel' tweets

British parliamentary candidate for the Labor party, Vicki Kirby, asked why ISIL had not attacked Israel.

09:46, 02 September 2014 Tuesday

Artists urge key Brazil art fair to reject Israeli cash

Artists participating in an international art exhibition in Brazil have signed a joint letter demanding its organizers reject funding from Israel, in light of its recent military conflict with Gaza.

16:44, 01 September 2014 Monday

Dutch Islamic party seeks to pair Rotterdam with Gaza

NIDA's Rotterdam city council member Nourdin El Ouali said “NIDA is right now working on a proposal to accept Gaza as a sister-city of Rotterdam, like many other cities are. This would mean we commit ourselves to supporting the rebuild of Gaza for the upcoming years.”

10:25, 31 August 2014 Sunday

S Africa activists ask store to take Israeli goods off

The activists asked Woolworths to remove Israeli products from its shelves and respect an International boycott of Israel.

11:15, 31 August 2014 Sunday

Man charged with attacking British MP on London street

Pro-Palestinian British MP George Galloway attacked in London street by man said to have been shouting about the Holocaust.

10:05, 29 August 2014 Friday

Pro-boycott Israelis call for world action

“I think Israeli people wants more Palestinian to be killed,” Elifelet Sara, 31 year-old Israeli Jew tells AA.

14:46, 25 August 2014 Monday

Holocaust survivors accuse Israel of Gaza 'genocide'

Among the signatures on the statement, which also calls for the blockade of Gaza to be lifted and Israel to be boycotted, were those belonging to forty Holocaust survivors and 287 relatives.

12:52, 21 August 2014 Thursday

US corporations boycott Glasgow over Gaza support

Up to 600 CEOs and investors were due to visit the Scottish city of Glascow as part of a delegation sent by Fortune 500 Company vice president Richard Cassini.

16:31, 14 August 2014 Thursday

British TV star calls on firms to boycott Israel

Russel Brand urged firms like Barclays, computer company HP, security giants G4S, pension fund ABP and heavy machinery Caterpillar to cut their ties with Israel.

14:24, 14 August 2014 Thursday

Professor Finkelstein Nobody cared about Gaza

Professor Norman Gary Finkelstein accused the world of turning a blind-eye to the Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip.

14:16, 09 August 2014 Saturday

Paris 'synagogue attack' reports proved false

The Roquette Synagogue, otherwise known as the Synagogue Don Isaac Abravanel, was allegedly attacked by 'Parisians from Arab countries' with weapons on July 13 during pro-Palestine protests against the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

17:53, 07 August 2014 Thursday

British police storm Israeli arms factory protest

The activists occupied the roof of the arms factory in Shenstone, Staffordshire in the early hours on Tuesday, chaining shut the main gates to the factory before scaling the roof, demanding the of closing the factory belonging UAV Engines Limited, a UK registered company owned by Elbit Systems, Israel's largest weapons company and the world's largest manufacturer of drones.

16:38, 06 August 2014 Wednesday

Protesters occupy Israeli arms factory in UK

The group are now staging the second day of the factory's occupation from the rooftop and have demanded the of closing the factory belonging UAV Engines Limited, a UK registered company owned by Elbit Systems, Israel's largest weapons company.

12:21, 02 August 2014 Saturday

New Yorkers march against Israeli war on Gaza

Around 1,000 people took to the streets of Columbus Circle to protest Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip and call for an end to U.S. support to Israel.

16:45, 01 August 2014 Friday

London mayor raises Palestine flag on town hall

Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of the London borough of Tower Hamlets, said “We are flying the Palestinian flag over the town hall as a humanitarian gesture of our solidarity with the people of Gaza.”

15:59, 31 July 2014 Thursday

Norman Finkelstein arrested in New York pro-Palestine protest

Corey Robin, a Jewish professor of political science at Brooklyn College and a longtime critic of Israel, was also arrested at the protest.

16:39, 26 July 2014 Saturday

50 000 rally in support of Gaza in London

Demonstrations take place across the UK in support of Palestine and in protest against the Israeli onlaught on Gaza.

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