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16:22, 21 July 2018 Saturday
Saudi arabia
15:10, 19 July 2018 Thursday

Saudi air defenses intercept missile from Yemen

Houthi rebels claim responsibility for ‘ballistic missile’ fired into kingdom’s southwestern Jizan region

12:18, 17 July 2018 Tuesday

S Arabia to Invest 10B in South Africa

Saudi Arabia intends to invest as much as $10 billion in South Africa’s economy, with a focus on energy.

13:29, 14 July 2018 Saturday

Saudi Arabia calls for Iran policy change

There was no comment from Tehran on the Saudi diplomat’s remarks

21:19, 12 July 2018 Thursday

Saudi Arabia to invest 10bn in S Africa

Saudi Arabia intends to invest as much as $10 billion in South Africa’s economy, with a focus on energy projects

16:12, 01 July 2018 Sunday

Trump says Saudi king agrees to ramp up oil production

The official Saudi Press Agency confirmed a phone call between the two leaders about oil, but mentioned no specifics.

20:58, 24 June 2018 Sunday

3 Saudi soldiers killed near Yemeni borders

Saudi news agency reports revealed that funeral services for 3 soldiers were held on Sunday

20:25, 24 June 2018 Sunday

Celebrations as Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women driving

The much-trumpeted move is part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's plan to modernise the conservative petrostate -- but it has been dented by the jailing of female activists who long opposed the driving ban.

12:19, 19 June 2018 Tuesday

Muslim teams in World Cup Russia 2018

Some interesting facts about Muslim nations and the players in this year’s competition.

17:48, 15 May 2018 Tuesday

Four Saudis killed in plane crash

The cause of the crash remains unclear

14:39, 15 May 2018 Tuesday

Prospects of social revolution in Saudi Arabia

Despite Mohammed bin Salman’s rhetoric that Saudi Arabia is on the cusp of radical social change, he is reluctant to confront institutional challenges and built-in societal resistance to implementation of radical social reforms

14:35, 22 April 2018 Sunday

Saudi Arabia imposes drone restrictions

On Saturday, Saudi forces shot down a toy drone near a royal palace in Riyadh

22:43, 15 April 2018 Sunday

Saudi donates 200 mln to Jerusalem UNRWA

Sunday's summit comes three months after U.S. officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

22:00, 15 April 2018 Sunday

Saudi king slams Iran US Jerusalem move

The 82-year-old monarch dubbed the Arab League meeting the "Jerusalem summit" as he took aim at Washington's decision to transfer its embassy in Israel to the holy city.

16:48, 15 April 2018 Sunday

Arab summit opens in Saudi Arabia

Syrian conflict and Palestinian issue are expected to dominate the summit's agenda

11:48, 11 April 2018 Wednesday

Egypt s Sisi receives Abu Dhabi crown prince in Cairo

After Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates remains Egyptian president’s biggest supporter

11:20, 07 April 2018 Saturday

Saudi Arabia to dig canal along Qatar border

If carried out, project would turn small Gulf peninsula into an island

10:39, 05 April 2018 Thursday

Saudi prince to make official visit to France next week

Prince Salman, the 32-year-old de facto Saudi leader, "will be on an official visit Monday and Tuesday, mainly to discuss culture, tourism, investment and new technologies," a source close to the Saudi delegation said.

11:39, 01 April 2018 Sunday

Saudi claims to intercept Houthi missile from Yemen

A foreign resident was injured by the missile shrapnel

05:08, 27 March 2018 Tuesday

US slams Houthi missile attack on Saudi Arabia

'We support the right of our Saudi partners to defend their borders against these threats,' State Dept. says

09:10, 26 March 2018 Monday

Yemen ballistic missile attack kills 1 in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh shoots down seven ballistic missiles, debris kills an Eyptian expat -- first death in capital in three years

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