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19:09, 19 June 2018 Tuesday
world bank
12:19, 23 May 2018 Wednesday

World Bank approves 600M loan for Salt Lake storage

Salt Lake storage facility aims to have capacity of 5.4 billion cubic meters by 2023

15:45, 13 April 2018 Friday

World Bank continues to support Turkish cities

Bank approves $91.54M loan within sustainable cities project to back Turkey’s resort cities of Antalya and Mugla

16:51, 08 March 2018 Thursday

World Bank head warns Trump to be 'careful' on tariffs

Kristalina Georgieva said Trump should "assess the implications" before going ahead with a plan that has sparked fears of a trade war with China and Europe and spooked world markets.

09:45, 11 January 2018 Thursday

Global economy should do well until 2020 World Bank

‘We think the recovery is firm and the momentum is there says World Bank Development Prospects Group Director

13:53, 10 January 2018 Wednesday

World Bank projects near 7 economic growth in Turkey

Fiscal, monetary policies pushed economy 'to a much stronger-than-expected rebound in growth,' bank says

14:15, 18 October 2017 Wednesday

World Bank likely to revise up Turkey's growth forecast

Bank expects Turkey's strong growth performance to continue in Q3, World Bank Country Director for Turkey says

09:27, 13 October 2017 Friday

World Bank chief urges investment for economic recovery

Kim says bank working to maximize finance for development, especially for investments in human capital

11:44, 04 October 2017 Wednesday

N Korea tension a threat to Asian growth World Bank

The bank predicted that developing East Asia and the Pacific would expand 6.4 percent this year, 6.2 percent next year and 6.1 percent in 2019, slightly better than their last forecasts in April.

05:48, 12 September 2017 Tuesday

Turkey signs 400M loan agreement with World Bank

Loan to be used to increase domestic savings, enhance economic participation, ensure sustainable growth, says Treasury

10:34, 22 April 2017 Saturday

World Bank Amundi launch 2 bn green bond fund

IFC CEO Philippe Le Houerou said the fund will "lower the risk for the private sector and attract new investors -- essentially creating a market where there was none." 

05:01, 04 April 2017 Tuesday

World Bank urges more investment for developing global electricity

Some 1.06 billion people lacked electricity in 2014, "only a slight improvement since 2012," the report said.

10:32, 20 March 2017 Monday

World Bank announces 57 bln in financing for Africa

A fresh investment from the World Bank will see Africa receive $57 billion for investment

07:59, 17 March 2017 Friday

World Bank indirectly backs harmful SE Asian projects

World Bank's financial arm violated its own guidelines on environmental and social conditions, according to a new report

10:27, 21 December 2016 Wednesday

World Bank approves 1 5 bn in aid for war-torn

The bank also approved $41.5 million for a program to improve management of the country's public funds.

10:34, 17 December 2016 Saturday

Sri Lanka says it secures 1 34 bn World Bank

Loans to Sri Lanka would be at concessionary rates and repayments spread out over 15 years, the ministry said in a statement. 

08:48, 23 November 2016 Wednesday

Modest growth for Europe Central Asia says World Bank

New report blames low oil, commodity prices plus a lack of reform hampering growth in ECA region

17:22, 18 October 2016 Tuesday

World Bank to loan Bangladesh 2bn for climate fight

Bangladesh has been one of the worst victims of global warming, with thousands of people being killed by cyclones in recent years that have become more frequent and deadlier.

19:19, 06 October 2016 Thursday

World Bank IMF challenged by anti-globalization wave

Globalization has largely benefited the world but must be "different" in the future IMF chief Christine Lagarde said Thursday.

10:12, 03 October 2016 Monday

World Bank's new drive to battle extreme poverty

The World Bank said that the number of people living on less than $1.90 a day – the accepted benchmark for extreme poverty, has fallen

16:43, 11 July 2016 Monday

World bank IGAD sign 5 million grant for East Africa

The grant was signed Monday in Nairobi to mitigate impact of forced displacements on refugee hosting communities in East Africa

11:09, 15 April 2016 Friday

World Bank UNICEF call for nutrition early child dev

'The time has come to treat childhood stunting as a development and an economic emergency,' World Bank Group head says

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