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13:06, 18 January 2018 Thursday
01:02, 15 January 2018 Monday

Iran removes block on Telegram

Journalists were able to access the service on Sunday and officials confirmed it has been restored.

14:47, 13 January 2018 Saturday

Iran rejects any change to nuclear deal

Trump again waived nuclear-related sanctions on Friday but demanded European partners work with the United States to "fix the deal's disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw".

14:27, 11 January 2018 Thursday

Iran shaken by second earthquake within hours

5.6-magnitude earthquake rattles Iran's Kermanshah province only hours after earlier quake shakes country's south

17:18, 08 January 2018 Monday

Turkish army doctor awarded for helping Iranian troops

At least four soldiers were injured back in December in a PKK terror attack near Turkish-Iranian border  

20:48, 07 January 2018 Sunday

Who is stirring up trouble in Iran

The steps leading to the coup known as Operation Ajax started with Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh nationalizing the Iranian oil industry in early 1951.

14:04, 07 January 2018 Sunday

90 students detained in Iran protests Lawmaker

More than 20 people were killed in the demonstrations

10:28, 07 January 2018 Sunday

Netanyahu discusses Iran with Europe leaders by phone

Israeli PM talks to British, Polish counterparts, Romanian President and parliament head

11:05, 06 January 2018 Saturday

US says Iran on notice at Security Council meeting

Russia promptly accuses U.S. of 'abusing' its position within the Security Council by using the forum to discuss the matter

04:07, 05 January 2018 Friday

Macron urges dialogue with Iran slams strong rhetoric

French president says France wants to maintain balance to avoid rebuilding 'axis of evil'

10:04, 04 January 2018 Thursday

Iran ready to support Palestinian resistance

Hamas official al-Arouri says Tehran government's attitude towards the Palestinian cause remains unchanged  

15:12, 03 January 2018 Wednesday

Pro-government rallies held across Iran

Hundreds of people in several Iranian cities chant anti-US, anti-Saudi Arabia slogans

11:54, 03 January 2018 Wednesday

Iran's problems are being manipulated AK Party

U.S. wants to achieve a regional transformation in line with its interests, says ruling party spokesperson

10:30, 03 January 2018 Wednesday

France voices concern over arrests casualties in Iran

French foreign minister's scheduled visit to Tehran to be delayed, according to Elysee Palace

16:20, 02 January 2018 Tuesday

Iran reopens border crossings with Iraqi Kurdish region

Border terminals were shut in mid-October after Kurdish Regional Govt's ill-fated referendum on independence

15:54, 02 January 2018 Tuesday

Turkey calls for avoiding external intervention in Iran

We wish for peace in Iran to be ensured and that common sense would prevail: Turkish Foreign Ministry

13:28, 02 January 2018 Tuesday

Bahrain asks citizens to refrain from traveling to Iran

Foreign Ministry urges Bahraini citizens in Iran to leave immediately and to take utmost caution

11:22, 02 January 2018 Tuesday

World voices concern over Iran protests

Russian Foreign Ministry says demonstrations in Iran are country’s 'internal affair'

09:49, 02 January 2018 Tuesday

Death toll rises in Iran anti-regime protests

One dead, three wounded as protester opens fire on police in Isfahan province

21:03, 01 January 2018 Monday

Iran says Canada 'interfering in internal affairs'

Tehran dismisses US statements over Iran protests

17:33, 01 January 2018 Monday

10 killed in anti-regime protests across Iran

377 people arrested during protests

14:29, 01 January 2018 Monday

Iranian president warns citizens against protests

Country is going through sensitive period, says Hassan Rouhani, about protests which began Thursday

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