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03:56, 20 April 2018 Friday
space x
09:56, 04 July 2017 Tuesday

SpaceX retrieves reused ISS capsule

In historic first, company successfully lands cargo capsule also used to resupply ISS in 2014

14:45, 01 May 2017 Monday

SpaceX makes first US military launch then lands rocket again

The payload for the National Reconnaissance Office, which makes and operates spy satellites for the United States, soared into the sky atop a Falcon 9 rocket at 7:15 am (1115 GMT).

10:33, 16 March 2017 Thursday

SpaceX launches communications satellite into orbit

The satellite will be place in orbit more that 35,000 kilometers above the earth and provide telecommunications service to Brazil, SpaceX said.

08:11, 28 February 2017 Tuesday

SpaceX to send 2 passengers to moon in 2018

SpaceX to send 2 passengers to moon in 2018

11:00, 07 January 2017 Saturday

SpaceX set to launch again Monday

An unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded September 1 in Cape Canaveral, destroying a satellite that Facebook planned to use to beam high-speed internet to Africa.

09:26, 02 September 2016 Friday

Explosion destroys Facebook satellite meant for Africa

Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to continue effort to provide satellite for Africa

17:58, 28 June 2015 Sunday

SpaceX Falcon explodes after Florida liftoff

An unmanned Falcon 9 rocket was destroyed about two minutes after launched from Florida

10:15, 14 April 2015 Tuesday

Space coffee postponed due to bad weather

Bad weather forced private spaceflight company SpaceX to postpone a daring reusable rocket landing test on Monday (April 13) by at least 24 hours, a delay that also pushed back the delivery of fresh cargo to the International Space Station for NASA.

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