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06:30, 24 April 2017 Monday
04:02, 14 March 2017 Tuesday

Today in History Hejaz Railway

The Hejaz Railway was opened on August 27, 1908.

07:27, 08 February 2015 Sunday

Istanbul Tunnel is 140 years old

The historic Istanbul tunnel, the worlds second oldest underground metro, is 140 years old and serves to carry passengers between Karakoy and Beyoglu.

11:59, 01 December 2014 Monday

Ottoman Turkish or the erasing of memory

Old Turkish, which we call Ottoman Turkish, is a language that is derived from the values and concepts of Islamic civilization that we belong to, and enriches it and has associations with it

13:19, 16 September 2014 Tuesday

Japan remembers tragic sinking of Ottoman ship

540 Ottoman sailors drowned on September 16, 1890 when the Ertugrul Firkateyni sank on its return journey.

14:27, 10 September 2014 Wednesday

Unexploded WWI mortar shell found in western Turkey

The World War I-era mortar shell will be detonated in a safe region, Turkish officials said.

09:31, 31 August 2014 Sunday

Ottoman-era building in Libya's Benghazi damaged by quake

A part of the building of Benghazi museum in al-Barkah area, which was built in the Ottoman era, collapsed.

09:40, 20 August 2014 Wednesday

Ottoman-era mosques under threat in Syria

Historic mosques in Deir ez-Zor have become targets due to the tombs inside them.

14:11, 05 July 2014 Saturday

The Sykes-Picot treaty A century of sharing in the Middle-East

Adana and Mersin were being given to France along with the edge of Syria. Provinces Basra and Baghdad, the Haifa and Akka harbours were being left to Britain. This way the shared usage of the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates was being guaranteed. Alexandria’s free harbour and Palestine were becoming an international region.

17:02, 23 June 2014 Monday

A lone minaret in Lithuania

In its history since the 14th century, the city has been invaded by the Swedish, pre-Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. The 25 meter high Ottoman-style minaret, found between the Dotnuvėlė river and the train station, was according to Lithuanian sources built in 1880 in a forest park.

16:53, 26 June 2014 Thursday

Ottoman flag returned to Turkey after 100 years in UK

The flag was handed over to the Turkish ambassador in London, Unal Cevikoz, by the Turner family who had preserved the flag for almost a century.

16:21, 26 May 2014 Monday

A unique Afro-Turk community in Greece

41-year-old Ogun Sabri complained that he was once arrested by the Greek police after being suspected of being an illegal immigrant just because of his skin color.

10:11, 20 June 2014 Friday

Renovated Ottoman-era sites open in Sudan's Suakin

The $9-million renovation project included a massive facelift for Suakin's Al-Hanafi Mosque, Al-Shafei Mosque and an old customs building, all of which date to the Ottoman period.

15:47, 06 June 2014 Friday

Turkey s PM reopens Istanbul s historic mosque

Buyuk Mecidiye Mosque, originally built by two Armenian architects, reopenes following nearly three years of restoration.

14:06, 05 June 2014 Thursday

Istanbul s iconic mosque to reopen Friday

Istanbul’s historic Buyuk Mecidiye mosque, better known as Ortakoy Mosque, is to reopen on Friday following nearly three years of restoration.

13:40, 02 June 2014 Monday

Ottoman princess passes away buried in Istanbul

Neslisah Abdulkadir Osmanoglu died aged 89 in Istanbul.

16:25, 24 May 2014 Saturday

A forgotten Turkish village in Italy

Moena boasts of over 320 years of Ottoman Turkish heritage.

17:42, 30 May 2014 Friday

Panoroma 1453 museum revives Istanbul conquest spirit

he location where the museum was built is also meaningful. It is the exact place where Mehmet the Conqueror established his command center. Narrowing the gap between today and the conquest 561 years ago.

09:41, 25 May 2014 Sunday

Ottoman art pieces set auction records in Istanbul

A special 190-piece collection of Ottoman art pieces and Turkish master artists' paintings went under hammer in an auction in Istanbul.

17:08, 22 May 2014 Thursday

Ottoman history to be taught to UK A-Level students

The Rise of Islam, Genghis Khan, India's Babur Dynasty, Middle-Eastern history and the Arab Spring will also be made available for history students taking the pre-university exams.

10:56, 22 May 2014 Thursday

Ottoman furniture could strengthen Turkey-India trade

Indians would import high-end furniture from Turkey, said the ambassador to Ankara.

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