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01:03, 25 June 2018 Monday
20:06, 23 June 2018 Saturday

Anwar Ibrahim taken to hospital after shoulder pain

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim has been taken to hospital after complaining of shoulder and back pain.

14:38, 12 June 2018 Tuesday

Malaysia to re-open N Korea embassy after murder row

The news came the same day US President Donald Trump and the North's Kim Jong Un held a historic summit in Singapore, as Washington seeks to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear arsenal.

16:33, 13 May 2018 Sunday

Malaysian PM Mahathir vows to review 'fake news' law

The law, passed in early April, makes the deliberate spread of false information punishable by up to six years in jail and a hefty fine.

14:44, 12 May 2018 Saturday

Malaysia's Najib hit with travel ban after poll loss

An angry crowd had gathered at a Kuala Lumpur airport, shouting at vehicles and seeking to stop them entering, after a purported flight itinerary leaked online showed Najib and his unpopular wife were planning to head to Indonesia.

11:08, 11 May 2018 Friday

Mahathir sworn in as Malaysia s 7th prime minister

Mahathir Mohamad sworn in at ceremony held at State Palace

10:19, 11 May 2018 Friday

Malaysian King to pardon opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysia's king has agreed to pardon Anwar Ibrahim, the country's newly installed prime minister said Friday, paving the way for the jailed opposition leader to return to politics and potentially become premier.

09:08, 10 May 2018 Thursday

Malaysia's former premier declares election victory

92-year-old former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad unexpectedly wins the general election  

14:21, 04 May 2018 Friday

Malaysian watchdogs allege flaws in voter lists

Prime Minister Najib Razak is facing a tough test at the Wednesday vote due to a corruption scandal surrounding state fund 1MDB and a challenge from veteran ex-leader Mahathir Mohamad, 92.

16:26, 19 April 2018 Thursday

Turkish language taught in Malaysian school

Turkish language course introduced to curriculum in Kuala Lumpur school, a first in Malaysia

14:54, 21 March 2018 Wednesday

Don t Get it Wrong Islamists are Strengthening Democracy

Increasing support for Islamist politicians is pointing to some changes in the electoral preferences.

11:06, 21 March 2018 Wednesday

One dead 14 missing in Malaysia sand dredger capsize

The coastguard said authorities in the southern state of Johor were alerted at 8:50 am that the vessel, the JBB Rong Chang 8, had sank.

10:56, 06 March 2018 Tuesday

Malaysian activist to run in upcoming polls

Speculation has been rife that Najib will call elections within weeks as his ruling Barisan Nasional coalition inches closer to the end of its five-year term.

09:58, 13 February 2018 Tuesday

Indonesia demands probe into migrant death in Malaysia

Indonesian Adelina Lisao, 21, has been found dead after alleged abuse by her Malaysian employers

15:08, 08 February 2018 Thursday

Malaysia says no mystery over 'missing' MH370 search ship

The Seabed Constructor, hired in January for a fresh search for the missing plane, turned off its location transponder for three days without explanation early this month, sparking a slew of speculation, including that it had gone on a treasure hunt.

15:20, 07 January 2018 Sunday

Malaysia's Mahathir named opposition PM candidate

The decision means the 92-year-old, a hugely divisive figure criticised for ruling with an iron fist during his long reign, could return as premier 15 years after stepping down.

04:06, 24 December 2017 Sunday

Malaysian PM calls on Muslims to unite over Jerusalem

Prime Minister Razak says he immediately canceled all meetings after Erdogan's call for OIC meeting

10:08, 06 November 2017 Monday

Flash flood in North Malaysia leaves 9 000 homeless

Continuous downpour in two states since Thursday claimed seven lives  

14:21, 05 November 2017 Sunday

Malaysia Torrent floodwaters force 2 000 to flee

Additional evacuations expected, as weather service issues red alert over more rainfall onto Penang island

13:59, 22 October 2017 Sunday

11 dead in Malaysian construction site landslide

Huge mounds of earth slipped off a hillside Saturday morning and buried the men as they worked on two apartment blocks of affordable housing on the island, which is popular with tourists.

10:44, 13 October 2017 Friday

Family pray for Indonesian woman in Kim murder plot

Siti Aisyah on trial for assassination of half-brother of North Korea's Kim Jong-un in Malaysia  

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