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03:13, 17 July 2018 Tuesday
01:05, 08 December 2017 Friday

Philippines plans to sue Sanofi over dengue vaccine minister

Regulators froze the Philippines' world-first public dengue immunisation programme last week and suspended all sales of the vaccine on Monday after Sanofi said Dengvaxia could worsen symptoms for vaccinated people who contracted the disease for the first time.

03:05, 02 December 2017 Saturday

Philippines suspends world-first dengue vaccine

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced Wednesday that its world-first dengue vaccine could lead to more severe symptoms for people who had not previously been infected.

09:27, 29 August 2017 Tuesday

US seizes smallpox vaccine from stem cell company

Federal agency orders StemImmune to stop injecting vaccine into tumors of cancer patients

20:53, 29 November 2016 Tuesday

S Africa launches major new trial of AIDS vaccine

It is one of the biggest clinical trials involving the disease ever undertaken and has revived hopes in the scientific community of a breakthrough in the battle against AIDS.

12:03, 21 June 2016 Tuesday

First Zika vaccine approved for human trials

Results of trial to be announced later this year

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