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11:55, 19 March 2018 Monday
14:26, 17 March 2018 Saturday

Muslims pray out in open in Berlin after mosque attack

Hundreds of Muslims offer Friday prayers outside Koca Sinan Mosque, which came under arson attack Saturday

10:54, 26 January 2018 Friday

Turkish presidential aide lauds Muslims

If we can maintain balance between unity and diversity, we can prevent unnecessary wars, says Ibrahim Kalin

12:16, 06 January 2018 Saturday

Canadian Muslim group wants day of remembrance

National Council of Canadian Muslims calls for Jan. 29 to commemorate victims of mosque attack

17:26, 21 November 2017 Tuesday

US shows its true colors in Myanmar

In a recent visit to country, Tillerson refrained from using the term 'ethnic cleansing' against Rohingya Muslims

13:45, 21 November 2017 Tuesday

Rohingya facing 'apartheid' regime Rights body

Discriminatory laws contribute to 'state-sponsored' cycle of violence towards Rohingya, says Amnesty International

18:17, 29 September 2017 Friday

Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims continues

Data shows 84 pct Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee Myanmar  

15:08, 27 September 2017 Wednesday

UN concerned French terror law could affect Muslims

UNHCR says proposed anti-terror legislation may perpetuate emergency measures introduced in 2015

10:09, 17 September 2017 Sunday

Nigeria Muslims reject attacks by Igbo 'secessionists'

Police confirm at least 4 non-natives killed by separatists in delta region

09:39, 10 September 2017 Sunday

Duterte slams rights group about Rohingya Muslims

President Rodrigo Duterte reacts to Human Rights Watch call for UN to investigate killings in his administration’s drug war

11:17, 02 September 2017 Saturday

UN warns of deteriorating situation of Rohingya Muslims

Tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are reported to be fleeing towards Bangladesh, say UN human rights officials

05:27, 02 September 2017 Saturday

For Eid al-Adha Filipino leader urges Muslim devotion

Rodrigo Duterte says Muslim holiday is reminder of the value of sacrifice in peoples' lives

13:14, 26 August 2017 Saturday

US Muslims a security issue after 9 11 professor says

Georgetown University academic says Muslims viewed as ‘security problem waiting to happen’

17:13, 25 August 2017 Friday

Muslims in Europe well-integrated new study claims

New generations better educated, more connected but still face discrimination, says Bertelsmann Foundation survey

17:33, 23 July 2017 Sunday

Palestinian Christians Muslims united Archbishop

Head of Jerusalem's Greek Orthodox Church says Christians support protests against recent Al-Aqsa restrictions

12:34, 16 July 2017 Sunday

49 voters to decide fate of Muslim cemetery in Canada

Quebec cemetery would be region's first owned, operated by Muslims

11:24, 23 June 2017 Friday

Canadian leader says Muslims must fight terrorism

Remarks by Quebec premier not helpful, Muslim council president says

14:02, 31 May 2017 Wednesday

Muslim youth volunteers help repair Catholic monastery

Muslim youth volunteers help repair Catholic monastery attacked by ISIL in Mosul

17:10, 11 March 2017 Saturday

The Green Muslims Not just Halal but Tayyib

Muslims are actually commanded to eat food that is not just halal but Tayyib meaning pure and wholesome. Halal is defined as food that is permissible according to Islamic law. Tayyib means wholesome, pure, nutritious and safe.

13:39, 09 March 2017 Thursday

The Mayan Muslims of Mexico

The Spanish Murabitun community, the Comunidad Islámica en España, that is based in Granada in Spain, has the strongest ties to the Chiapas community in Mexico

20:11, 06 March 2017 Monday

Rights group Trump ban still a Muslim ban

A spokesperson for the American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrant Rights has slammed the revised law saying that it is a scaled down version of the immigration order

09:08, 28 January 2017 Saturday

Pro-immigrant Friday prayer showcases NYC diversity

Faith-based communities leaders, citizens stand in solidarity with Muslims, immigrants against federal actions

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