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11:09, 19 July 2018 Thursday
18:24, 30 April 2018 Monday

Dramatic action needed on climate change

The 12-day technical talks are focused on hammering out an "operating manual" for the landmark 2015 Paris climate pact, which calls for capping global warming at "well below" two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), and 1.5C if possible.

01:06, 19 November 2017 Sunday

UN climate talks struggle to stay relevant

Twelve-year-old Timoci Naulusala from Fiji, a nation disappearing under rising seas, was delivering a testimonial to ministers and heads of state with crisp English and irresistible charm.

11:52, 06 November 2017 Monday

Still wary of 'Trump Effect' UN climate talks open in

Five months after the world's most famous climate sceptic said he would yank the United States out of the 196-nation Paris Agreement, the diplomats and leaders tasked with implementing it remained both defiant and concerned. 

16:38, 04 November 2017 Saturday

Climate activists march to keep coal in ground

Decked out in red to signify their "Stop Coal" campaign, the protesters chanted and beat drums as they snaked through the former West Germany capital toward the UN centre that will host the 12-day, 196-nation talks, tasked with implementing the landmark Paris Agreement.

12:02, 19 May 2017 Friday

Hopes for climate pact shift to diplomatic sphere

On the campaign trail, now-president Donald Trump vowed to "cancel" the 196-nation pact to rein in global warming by curbing emissions from burning oil, coal and gas.

12:17, 30 April 2017 Sunday

Cities brace for climate challenges

City temperatures are forecast to shoot up in the coming years, exposing inhabitants to killer heat spikes, while rising sea levels and river flooding threaten homes, drinking water, and transport and electricity infrastructure.

15:42, 08 March 2017 Wednesday

Eco-warriors win first S Africa climate change case

The group, Earthlife Africa, successfully challenged a government decision to confirm construction of a proposed coal-fired power station, arguing that the proper climate change impact assessment had not been carried out.

04:09, 13 November 2016 Sunday

Brave faces at climate talks despite Trump win

Moroccan foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar put on a brave face as the talks hit the half-way point, saying they remained on track for the arrival next week of some 60 heads of state.

10:06, 08 November 2016 Tuesday

EU lagging on climate targets

In an assessment coinciding with the UN climate talks in Morocco, the Paris-based Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) gave the EU high marks in some areas.

16:27, 30 October 2016 Sunday

Sanctions threaten Iran climate efforts

In an exclusive interview, Ebtekar said Iran had already seen temperatures rise by 1.5 degrees over the past 20 years, and urgently needed to work with international partners.

17:22, 18 October 2016 Tuesday

World Bank to loan Bangladesh 2bn for climate fight

Bangladesh has been one of the worst victims of global warming, with thousands of people being killed by cyclones in recent years that have become more frequent and deadlier.

17:21, 17 October 2016 Monday

Climate change could push 122 mn into extreme poverty

It called for a "broad-based transformation of food and agricultural systems" to adapt to a warmer world, with an emphasis on supporting small shareholders.

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